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Off-campus events with alcohol

Required Forms

  • All off-campus events require pre-approval by the Office of Student Life; the pre-approval request form is located here. Submit your request as far in advance as possible.
  • If the venue serves alcohol, an alcohol rider and certificate of insurance are required from the venue whether or not the club plans on using club funding to pay for alcohol - no exceptions.

Venue and Catering

  • Use a pre-contracted venue or caterer from this list; doing so will expedite the pre-approval process considerably!
  • Inquire with your Club Coordinator if your desired venue is not on the list above.
  • Student residences/Private residences of any kind are not permitted as event venues.
  • BYOB events are not permitted.  If alcohol will be present at a club event, it must be served by licensed bartenders who have provided specific documentation to the University.

Contracts and Service Providers

  • If you would like to hire a service provider for your event or host an event at a venue that is not a pre-contracted venue, you must work with the Office of Student Life located in the Student Experience Center (Suite 1391). The Club Coordinator can help you with processing any documents that are required to have your event or hire a service provider, but please allow at least 4 weeks for NU to process the documents.
  • If your venue provides you with any type of contract, the above instructions also apply.
  • Follow these instructions when booking transportation for your event.

Speakers and Sponsors

  • When inviting speakers to your event , follow these instructions.
  • When holding a sponsored event, follow these instructions.
  • In both cases, you’ll work directly with Corporate Partnerships!


  • Our communication resources provide instructions for event promotion on campus.
  • If using the Kellogg logo, branding resources are located here.
  • If you’d like to create a club banner, templates are here
  • The Campus Groups Help Site will walk you through event creation and promotion on Campus Groups or you ma visit the Club Coordinator in the Student Experience Center (Suite1391).