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Club Resources

Club & Section Events

We have more than 100 full-time student clubs at Kellogg. All clubs are categorized  under the following: professional, cultural/affinity, social and sporting clubs. There are countless ways to get involved with Kellogg’s roster of clubs, and at some point, you may have the opportunity of planning a club (or section) event!

Here, we’ve compiled all the resources that will help you with every step along the way. Use our helpful event-planning checklists  or visit one of the quick links on the right! You are also  more than welcome to email us with any questions at studentlife@kellogg.northwestern.edu. Good luck!

On-Campus Events

Want to host an event in the Global Hub?

Off-Campus Events

Want to host an event in McManus Lounge, downtown Evanston, Chicago, or beyond?

Quick Links

Contact the Office of Student Life or stop by Suite 1391Email 847.467.1096