TeX, LaTeX Resources

Note: See also the pages on bibliography management software, text-editors, for resources related to TeX. The samples page includes some batch files for use with MiKTeX.


  • Utilities:
    • TexPoint: a PowerPoint add-in that allows the use of LaTeX symbols and formulas in PowerPoint



Freeware: (see the TeX Users Group for more links)

MiKTeX resources:
  • LyX, a graphical user interface for LaTeX under Linux.

Related utilities:

  • LaTeX templates from Northwestern's Mathematics Department
  • LaTeX2HTML, a conversion tool to translate LaTeX into HTML documents.
  • Word2TeX, a utility that enables Microsoft Word to save documents in LaTeX format, including equations.
  • IBM techexplorer, a plug-in for Netscape and IE that supports the display of mathematical markup language (MathML), TeX and LaTeX documents.