SYSTAT is a general statistics and graphical analysis package that covers a wide array of techniques and has a (relatively) intuitive user interface. Note that, relative to other statistical software available to Kellogg users, SYSTAT includes conjoint analysis, cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling, structural equation modeling, and design of experiments features, among others. SYSTAT can read ASCII, Excel, SAS, and SPSS data files.

Personal copies: Northwestern does not hold a site license for SYSTAT. Individual copies of SYSTAT are available through e-Academy.

Vendor Information
SYSTAT Software Inc.

501 Suite 'C'
Point Richmond Tech Center
Canal Boulevard
Richmond, CA 94804-2028
Phone: (510) 231-4786 / 4787 / 4780; toll free: (800) 797-7401
Fax: (510) 231-4789


Running SYSTAT
In the "special software" workstations, look for the SYSTAT icon under the Start menu.

Manuals Available at Research Support
Online manuals at Kellogg