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    Stata Support for MBA Students

    Getting Stata
    Eligible students (i.e., Full-time, Part-time and Executive MBA students; MSMS students; LLMK participants) can install a copy of Stata/IC through the school's site license. You will find information about how to obtain Stata and installation instructions on the KIS Stata web page. Any other members of the Kellogg School's community (including exchange students) may obtain a copy of Stata through the school's Stata GradPlan.

    Contact KIS support at 847-467-2100 or via email for assistance with the Stata download site.

    Kellogg Custom Menu
    The faculty who use Stata in the core statistics class, marketing, and strategy have created menus that conveniently organize the dialog boxes most frequently used in their classes under a single submenu.

    Before you install the menu, make sure to open Stata and run the following command:

    update all

    Stata releases bug fixes and interim upgrades via the internet. update all checks your installation against the most current version available and upgrades it as needed. If you ever need to reinstall Stata, run update all after the installation.

    To install this menu, open Stata and type the following at the command line; then press Enter to execute it (you must include the "do" before the URL, exactly as below):

    do https://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/stata/menu.do

    The installation script will prompt you to choose which menu to install. You may install them all, if you want. After the installation concludes, Stata will prompt you to click "OK." You will them see the Kellogg custom menu under the Stata "User" menu. The menu can updated by selecting the very last option—the same option allows you to install other menus if you only chose a subset of those available the first time (e.g., if you installed only the Core Statistics).

    Faculty tutorial documents for your reference:

    Other resources

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