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At Kellogg and Northwestern, we offer a variety of statistical, mathematical, and other software for our researchers. We also provide advice and training for the common packages and methods, and we maintain a library of sample code.

Research Software

KLC: Kellogg Linux Cluster | Skew: Kellogg's Unix Server Skew (RETIRING MAY, 2018) | NUW: NUworkspace | Lab: Kellogg Lab Computers | RS: Research Support | WRDS: Wharton Research Data Services | KDC: Kellogg Data Center

Personal Copy
Server Availability
 Amelia  Vendor Website
 ATLAS.ti  Vendor Website

 Bibliography management    KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018)
 C, C++    KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018),  WRDS, KDC
 CPLEX optimizer    KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018)
 CUDA    Quest GPU Allocations
 CVX Toolbox  Vendor Website

 DirectRT  RS  
 Dynare  Vendor Website
 Eclipse  Vendor Website
 Eventus for WRDS    WRDS
 Gauss    KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018)
 Gnuplot  Vendor Website
 GraphViz  Vendor Website
 HLM  Vendor Website

 IMSL  Vendor Website
 Java    KLC
 JMP for Windows/Mac


 KNITRO  Vendor Website
 KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018), KDC
 Lisrel/Prelis  Vendor Website
   Skew (RETIRING 2018)

 Mathematica  NUIT  KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018), KDC
 KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018), KDC
 MediaLab   RS  
 Meeting Room Management (MRM)
 Minitab  e-Academy

 Mplus  Vendor Website  
 NLOPT  Vendor Website
 Nvivo  Vendor Website
 OpenMX  Vendor Website
 Ox  Vendor Website
 Palisade Decision Tools
 Perl Interpreter
   KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018), WRDS
 PGI Compiler for OS X  Vendor Website
 Python    KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018), WRDS, KDC
 Qualtrics  RS, KIS
 R    KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018), WRDS, KDC
 RATS    Skew (RETIRING 2018)
 Rstudio  Vendor Website
 Ruby    KLC
 Scientific Workplace
 Vendor Website  
 Singular  Vendor Website
 SmartDraw  Vendor Website
 Sona Systems
 SPSS  iBuyNU-SHIe-Academy
 SPSS Data Collection  e-Academy

 SPSS Modeler  e-Academy

 Stat/Transfer  KIS  KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018), KDC
 Stata  KIS
 KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018)
 Stattab  Vendor Website
 Stplan  Vendor Website
 Systat  e-Academy  
 Terminal Emulators (ssh, sftp, X-Win32)
 TeX, LaTeX
   KLC, Skew (RETIRING 2018), KDC
 Text editors
 Ucinet  Vendor Website
 WinBUGS  Vendor Website
 z-Tree  RS  

Other Available Software

License Cost
Where to Obtain
 Acrobat Pro
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 CrashPlan Pro
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 Dreamweaver CC
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 EndNote for Windows/Mac  Free Copy 
 Flash Professional CC
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 $30/$40/$51  e-Academy
 Illustrator CC
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 InDesign CC
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 Kermit 95  $48  e-Academy
 Lightroom  Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 MS Office 365 ProPlus for PC/Mac
 Free Copy
 MS Office 2011 for Mac
 Free Copy
 NUIT (Fac/Staff), e-Academy(Students)
 MS Office Professional Plus 2013
 Free Copy
 NUIT (Fac/Staff), e-Academy(Students)
 MS Office Professional Plus 2010
 Free Copy
 NUIT (Fac/Staff), e-Academy(Students)
 MS Windows 8.1  Free Copy (Students)  e-Academy
 MS Windows 8  Free Copy (Students)  e-Academy
 MS Windows 7  Free Copy (Students)  e-Academy
 MS Project 2016  $10 (Fac/Staff only)
 e-Academy (Home Use Program)
 MS Visio 2016  $10 (Fac/Staff only)
 e-Academy (Home Use Program)
 Parallels  $39.99  e-Academy
 Photoshop Extended CC
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5/v6
 Free Copy (Fac/Staff only)
 Symantec Endpoint Protection
 Free Copy
 think-cell  Free Copy  KIS
 VMware Fusion
 $70  e-Academy
 VMware Workstation  $149  e-Academy