Python is a popular general-purpose interpreted programming language. Both Python 2.x and Python 3.x are available; they are not mutually compatible. Python 2.x is far more popular and has many more packages available, so we would recommend using 2.x. There are also slight incompatibilities between different subversions of 2.x that affect availability of specific packages.

Unix, Linux and Mac: Python 2.x is installed by default on all UNIX, Linux and Macintosh systems, including all Northwestern Linux servers, as well as WRDS. Exact version availability varies from system to system, but even on shared systems, it is typically possible to install the required version of Python in user accounts.

Windows: Active Python is available for installation in workstations running Microsoft Windows. There are other versions as well. It is available in KDC.


There are numerous Python user lists and news groups:

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