MediaLab and DirectRT

MediaLab is a software package developed by Empirisoft for the creation of computerized multimedia psychological experiments and questionnaires

The chief advantages of MediaLab are its ease of implementation (no formal programming required) and its flexibility with regard to multimedia presentation (image, video, sound).

An additional advantage of MediaLab is its modularity: particular components of an experiment—from core manipulations to distractor tasks, from cognitive load manipulations to self-esteem scales, from cued recalls to thought-listings—may be created independently and saved as separate files. Such files may then be plugged into separate experiments.

DirectRT is a software package developed by Empirisoft designed for cognitive and perception tasks that require millisecond precision. DirectRT allows you to quickly create reaction time tasks (i.e., Implicit Association Test (IAT)) that require precision timing, presenting sound, video, images, and text with precision, and obtaining accurate high-speed response input from keyboards, mice, joysticks, microphones, and external hardware.

MediaLab and DirectRT 2012 for Windows are installed on the machines at the Jacobs Behavioral Laboratories (Room 370, Breakout Rooms, and Room 480).

Personal copies: Kellogg faculty and doctoral students can also download and install MediaLab and DirectRT on their office workstation. Please contact Simone Cavallaro to obtain a license for MediaLab and DirectRT on your office workstation and/or laptop.

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