Maple is a mathematical problem-solving and visualization system. Its principal strength lies in its symbolic problem-solving algorithms. Maple can solve problems involving formal mathematical definitions and return answers as mathematical objects.

Maple is installed in Kellogg's Unix server, Skew.

Vendor Information
Waterloo Maple, Inc.

57 Erb Street West
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L6C2
Phone: (519) 747-2373
Fax: (519) 747-5824


Running Maple
Maple can run both in graphic (X-Windows) and ASCII mode. To run Maple using its graphical interface, type xmaple at the Unix prompt; the Windows version of Maple will open. To run Maple in ASCII mode, type maple at the Unix prompt. You will see the Maple prompt (>), at which point you can type Maple commands. To end a Maple ASCII session, type quit.

Examples and Solution
See the Mapple Applications Center and the links below.

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