Limdep is a general statistical package better known for its capabilities to learn with limited dependent variables, including nested logit models.

Limdep is available on Kellogg's Unix server, Skew. NLOGIT, an add-on program to compute nested logit models, is installed in Skew.

To access the Limdep installation that includes NLOGIT on Skew, run limdep.nlogit instead of limdep.

Note: LIMDEP for UNIX has been discontinued, and is not supported. Obtain the Windows version if you need a supported LIMDEP.

Vendor Information
Econometrics Software Inc.

15 Gloria Place
Plainview, NY 11803
Phone: (516) 938-5254


Running Limdep
Limdep can be run either in interactive or in batch mode. Each session of Limdep creates a log file called "trace.lim." This file will be overwritten if it exists already.

To ...
The Command Is
Start an Interactive Session
Type: limdep at the Unix prompt. Limdep will prompt you to type "start." After typing start, you will get the Limdep prompt, cmd>.
End an Interactive Session
Type stop or exit at the Limdep prompt. You will be asked to confirm (y or n).
Run a Batch Limdep Job
Use Unix redirection symbols: limdep < test.lim < test.lst.

Examples and Solutions
There are sample programs stored in Skew in the following path: /usr/local/limdep7/programs .

Manuals Available at Research Support