RA Hiring

Research Support maintains an actively advertised and updated directory of Northwestern undergraduates who are interested in Research Assistant opportunities and have completed the Kellogg RA Application Form.

To request undergraduate research assistant support, please submit the RA Support Request Form. Upon receipt of your form, Research Support will work with you to identify one or more RA candidates who meet the needs of your specific project(s). Research Support will vet applicants and provide you with a brief list of qualifying students, whom you are free to contact for interview scheduling and hiring purposes. As before, the hiring process should be completed within the faculty member's home department. We request that you inform the Research Support RA Matching team whenever a new student is hired such that we can keep their availability information up to date within our directory.

In addition to matching faculty to suitable undergraduate RA candidates for part-time and occasional research assistance, Research Support provides behavioral faculty with access to the Behavioral Lab’s full time, pre-doctoral Behavioral Research Fellows. Lab research fellows function in place of traditional RAs and can assist investigators with full life-cycle research support. Please note that undergraduate RAs will need to be paid from your research funds while the Lab’s Research Fellows are available at no cost to you.To request behavioral lab research fellow support, submit a lab intake form.

Research Support also offers Data Acquisition and Programming Assistance, which you can learn more about on our services page.

Current RA Pay Rates
The hourly pay rates vary depending on experience, responsibilities, etc. The rates below, provided by the Dean's Office, may be used as reference:

Type of Research Assistant
Rate Per Hour
Work-Study RAs
Other Undergraduate RAs (Non–Work Study)
Master's Student Level RAs
Doctoral Student Level RAs

The undergraduate non–work study students are more expensive to the faculty because the faculty covers 100% of the student hourly wage. Work-study students, however, are federally funded, and the faculty pays only 30% of their wage. The remaining 70% is covered by the federal government.