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Sona Subject Pools


Northwestern University Students and Community Members 

Kellogg's Sona-based subject pools are comprised of NU students, community members in Evanston and Chicago, as well as nation-wide participants.

Subject Pool Snapshot

# of NU Students


# of Community Members


Study Type

In-Lab & Online

Study location

Evanston, Chicago, & Online

Data as of 8/13/18
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Participants are randomly assigned to one of two sub-pools: Deception or No-Deception. Participants will not know to what pool they have been assigned. Those randomly assigned to the Deception sub-pool will be invited to future studies that may involve deception. Those randomly assigned to the No-Deception sub-pool will only be invited to participate in subsequent research studies that do not involve deception. NU IRB's guidelines on Deception or Incomplete Disclosure can be found here.

Following randomization, participants will be asked to complete a brief demographic questionnaire. Participants’ answers will determine their eligibility for subsequent research studies. Investigators may target participants on any number of the demographic variables present in the questionnaire. Investigators can target only NU students, for example, or can broaden their sample to include more diverse participants, as needed. Non-local participants (identified via zipcode) will only be invited to participate in online studies, whereas participants in the greater Chicagoland area can be invited to participate in both online and in-person studies.

Desired inclusion/exclusion criteria, number of subjects, preferred time slots, and location-type should all be specified in the  intake form.

Recruitment Strategies

In Person Recruitment: Potential undergraduate and graduate student participants are recruited through pre-arranged classroom visits & activities fairs.  Potential community participants are recruited in a public setting near Evanston and Chicago campus locations.

EDW Recruitment: In order to reach a broader research population beyond Northwestern University students and staff, potential participants are being identified and recruited from Northwestern Medicine & its affiliated clinics via the Northwestern Medicine Electronic Data Warehouse

NUCATS Study Referrals: Information about the Kellogg Behavioral Research Registry is provided to the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences (NUCATS) recruitment team. Potential clinical research participants who call the NUCATS recruitment line wishing to learn about clinical research opportunities for which they might qualify will be asked if they are interested in learning about behavioral research opportunities at Kellogg as well

Flyers & Advertisements: Paper and digital advertisements including tear off flyers, social media postings, and newsprint ads. In collaboration with the Kellogg Communications Office Social Media team, monthly ads are posted on the Kellogg Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.