Lab Services

Beginning in Fall 2017, the Kellogg Behavioral Lab is debuting an expanded service model.


Study Start Up

Study Maintenance

Behavioral Research Fellows

We provide and manage our Behavioral Research Fellows so you don't have to worry about hiring your own RAs

  • Experiment Set Up
  • Scheduling lab space
  • Participant recruitment
  • Scheduling participants
  • Obtaining consent
  • Running Participants
  • Participant reimbursement
  • Compliance documentation
  • Data collection & analysis

IRB Support

We provide regulatory consultation and assistance with IRB submissions

  • Regulatory Consultation
  • Pre-review of study materials
  • IRB Application Preparation
  • Response to clarification requests
  • Modifications
  • Continuing Reviews
  • RNIs

Subject Pool Management: In-Lab

We recruit subjects into our in-lab & online pools so you have easy access to research participants at all times

  • Two randomly assigned sub-pools: Deception & No Deception
  • Now open to NU grad students, staff, and general Chicagoland residents
  • Pools are updated daily with new participants
  • Pre-screener deployed annually

Subject Pool Management: Online

We've added a new sub-pool: the Kellogg mTurk Panel

  • Two sub-pools: Sona eLab and Kellogg mTurk panel--both open to anyone in U.S.
  • NEW mTurk Panel: allows investigators to sample a pool of individuals who have already answered a series of demographic questions; thus can target specific demographics with confidence
  • Pools are updated daily with new participants
  • mTurk demographic HIT deployed bi-annually to maintain data integrity

Experiment Design & Deployment

We can do more than just run participants—our lab fellows partner with you to design and deploy your experiments

  • Consultation on the best platform for study
  • Set up experiment in Qualtrics, z-tree, Psychopy
  • Deploy studies in Sona
  • Assist with design tweaks as needed throughout study
  • Ensure participants are interacting with the experiment as intended

Sona System Management & Study Scheduling

We launch and schedule your studies so you can focus on the research

  • B Lab staff reserve lab staff on researcher’s behalf
  • B Lab staff program study in sona and recruit participants
  • B lab staff schedule additional sessions as needed
  • Recruit additional participants as needed

Participant Compensation

We manage payment method procurement, execution, and tracking. You just provide the chart string

  • Determine most appropriate payment method for study
  • New Option: NU stored value cards
  • Ensure payment method is obtained in timely manner
  • Ensure NU research reimbursement guidelines are upheld

Data Management & Analysis

We can assist with data management and analysis so you can focus on the findings

  • Determine best method for collecting and organizing data based on study design and researcher preference
Run initial statistical tests in collaborating with researcher and grad student(s)