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Kellogg mTurk Panel

Subject Pool Snapshot

  • 21,121 participants in the MTurk pool
  • 33% on average accept study invitations.
  • 42% of the MTurk pool reports at least 1 minor in their household.
  • 22% of the MTurk pool are Republicans (versus 12% of the community pool.)
  • 52% of the MTurk pool is employed full-time.
  • 40% of the MTurk pool is married.
  • Data as of 9/5/18

    View Full mTurk Panel Demographics Report

    Participants are recruited into the panel by completing an Initial HIT through the Behavioral lab’s mTurk account. This HIT is a demographic questionnaire.

    Once users have completed a HIT for the lab, we may contact them directly via mTurk in order to invite them to participate in future research studies for which they qualify based on their responses.

    This allows the lab to include only those who truly meet the desired qualification type(s) and exclude participants who have previously completed a study for a particular investigator, or users who have previously participated in other Kellogg studies.

    Investigators looking to target specific demographics can request use of this panel using our intake form. Our lab staff will deploy your HIT through our panel on your behalf and provide you with the data points. Our lab staff is also available to program the survey or online experiment on your behalf.