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External Resources

Faculty and grad students are welcome to use any of these resources independently of the lab.

External Online Panels:

Mechanical Turk is crowdsourcing platform run by Amazon. You can run your own experiments on amazon using your amazon account, or you can utilize the Behavioral Lab’s mTurk Panel when targeting specific demographics.

TurkPrime is the premiere platform for performing crowdsourced research using Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Survey Monkey has a three-million-person pool. Potential participants can be easily be restricted based on demographic criteria.

Survey Sampling International (SSI) is an international pool of survey takers.

Qualtrics Panel is a pool of participants managed by Qualtrics. You can sample randomly or target participants with specific characteristics.

ROI Rocket is a leading provider of market research and intelligence to corporate and non-profit clients in financial, healthcare, consumer product and b2b markets. They provide full service research (Quantitative and Qualitative) data collection, analysis, and reporting.

ResearchMatch  is an online all-disease, volunteer recruitment registry that connects investigators with people interested in volunteering primarily for clinical trials, however ResearchMatch can be used for behavioral research as well.

Northwestern University Resources:

The Northwestern Medicine® Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a joint initiative across the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Northwestern Memorial HealthCare (NMHC), Northwestern Memorial Foundation and Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. Its mission is to create a single, comprehensive, and integrated repository of all clinical and research data sources on the campus to facilitate research, clinical quality, healthcare operations, and medical education. The behavioral lab currently uses EDW to recruit for our primary Registry subject pool. Individual investigators can utilize EDW on a project by project basis as well.

Center for Community Health (CCH)  Interested in community engaged approach to reach potential study participants? Find out about how CCH supports collaborations between academic and community-based partners  conducting research, education, and service activities to improve the health and healthcare of communities.

The Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs) is a research center within the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine with a focus on developing and evaluating behavioral intervention technologies (BITs). These include web, mobile and sensor technologies that help people make positive behavior changes to support health, mental health, and wellness. The center includes two overlapping arms: an academic research group and a technology development core. They collaborate with teams from all over the world to develop and evaluate innovative intervention technologies.