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Participant Compensation

Research Payment Compliance Guidelines

Payment arrangements must be approved in advance by the IRB

Payments should be based on the research subject’s time allotted to and reasonable expenses incurred during his/her participation in the research study.

Payment may include reimbursement for parking, lodging, or transportation.

The Behavioral Lab Intake form asks the desired amount and method of compensation for your research study. The following compensation options are available to investigators using the lab:

  1. NU Stored Value Visa Cards (digital or plastic) *Note: There is a $5 minimum imposed for NU Stored Value Visa Cards
  2. Amazon gift cards (digital or plastic)
  3. Cash

Payment Operations

Researchers may choose to pay participants via lottery or pre-determined flat rate. The chosen payment method should be detailed in the IRB approved research protocol, study consent document, and communicated to the assigned behavioral lab research fellow.

Each payment method requires signed documentation from the investigator to the NU Treasury Office. The behavioral research fellow assigned to your study will facilitate the completion and submission of this documentation on the investigator’s behalf. The investigator must provide a valid chart string or purchase card information prior to study set-up.

If an investigator chooses to use his/her own RA, the investigator is personally responsible for submission of the required paperwork, appropriately documenting payment, and any discrepancies in payment amount.

Payment Recommendations

The precise method and rate of compensation must be determine by the Investigator and approved by the IRB prior to study start-up. Below are behavioral lab payment recommendations.

In-Lab Studies: Students

Study Length


</= 15 Minutes

$5-$10 flat rate

30 Minutes

$12-$15 flat rate

45 Minutes

$15-$20 flat rate

1 hour 

$20-$25 flat rate  

1.5 Hours

$32-$35 flat rate

In-Lab Studies: Working Professional & Community Members

Study Length


1 hour

$30 flat rate

Online Studies: All populations

Study Length


</= 15 Minutes

mTurk: $0.10 per minute

Sona: $2-$5 Flat Rate

15-30 Minutes

$5-$10 flat rate

30-60 Minutes

$10-$15 flat rate