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In-Lab Studies

In-Lab Study Setup & Management

After receipt of a completed Intake Form, Behavioral Lab Research Fellows will complete initial study setup within Sona as well as reserve the desired lab space and time slots for the experiment participation. Our team will work with you to obtain participant compensation prior to the first experiment session. Investigators are responsible for providing a chart-string to facilitate participate payment prior to experiment set up.

Please keep in mind that we require at least 1 week's notice for scheduling, testing, and set up of in-lab studies.

Individual investigators will not need to access Sona or reserve lab space personally.


Investigators should indicate any inclusion/exclusion criteria within the intake form. Because our in-lab subject pool is now also open to general community members (non-students), those wishing to target NU undergraduates exclusively must inform the lab prior to study launch. Only those participants eligible for the study will be contacted for recruitment purposes.

Faculty and PhD students using the lab are required to provide lab staff with access to their experiment and supplementary study materials prior to study launch. Our team will review and pilot test all aspects of your study before recruiting participants. This is a Quality Assurance measure and is required even for those investigators using their own RAs.

Our research fellows will recruit the desired number of participants for your study, run those participants, provide pre-arranged compensation, and grant study credit.

Investigators may not have access to identifiable information or contact participants directly.


Important Note: IRB approval is required prior to initial study setup. For additional information on how to obtain IRB approval, please see our IRB guidance page. If using Kellogg’s in-lab subject pools, reference STU00008432.