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Conducting Research

Kellogg faculty and PhD students can conduct research in the behavioral lab either independently or with the help of one of our Behavioral Lab Research Fellows.

Lab Use Processes and Requirements

  1. Before conducting research in the lab, we require completion of a Behavioral Lab Intake Form for each new study. The form is broken up into 3 sub-forms:
    • In-Lab Study Requests
    • Online Study Requests
    • Other Requests (including assistance with programming an experiment, developing a survey, IRB Support, etc).
  2. If requesting assistance for a new in-lab or online study, the form will ask if the new study is IRB approved. Although IRB approval is required before a new study can be launched through our lab, our lab staff is able to assist with the initial IRB submission process. Please see more information on our IRB Guidance page.
  3. Upon receipt of your completed intake form, we will review your request and assign to one of our behavioral research fellows within 1-2 business days. Our fellows are meant to function in the place of a traditional Research Assistant. The behavioral lab manages these staff rather than individual investigators. Fellows can work with multiple investigators, on multiple projects, simultaneously.
  4. At minimum, the assigned research fellow is responsible for launching the study in Sona Systems or through our Kellogg mTurk Panel, scheduling lab space (if needed), recruiting participants, facilitating participant compensation, and granting credit. In addition to these basic tasks, our research fellows can assist with many other aspects of your research.
  5. Faculty and PhD students using the lab are required to provide lab staff with access to their experiment and supplementary study materials prior to study launch. Our team will review and pilot-test all aspects of your study before recruiting participants. This is a Quality Assurance measure and is required even for investigators using their own RAs.


Lab Reservations

Lab reservations can only be made by lab staff. Individual investigators and graduate students must request their desired time slots by submitting a Behavioral Lab Intake form. Lab time slots are available on a first come, first served basis. Please keep in mind that we require at least 1 week's notice for scheduling, testing, and set up of in-person lab experiments.


Lab Conduct

The behavioral laboratories may be used for research purposes only. They may not be used as classrooms or meeting rooms.

Eating or drinking is not permitted in the laboratories (with the exception of previously approved studies that involve food).

The doors in the laboratories may not be propped open unless there is a study facilitator nearby.

Laboratory users must remove all study-related material and props when the study is over. Materials left behind will be discarded. This includes data files installed in the lab computers—these machines require periodic re-imaging to reset their configuration.

Lab space may only be in use when lab staff are present.