Behavioral Research

The Kellogg Behavioral Lab is an interdisciplinary physical and digital laboratory designed for the study of human subjects.

Lab services are available to all Kellogg faculty, PhD students, and Post-Docs

Behavioral Research Fellows

IRB Support

Subject Pool Management: In-Lab

Subject Pool Management: Online

We provide and manage our Behavioral Research Fellows so you don't have to worry about hiring your own RAs

We provide regulatory consultation and assistance with IRB submissions

Our In-Lab subject pool is open to NU students & general Chicagoland residents

We've added a new sub-pool: the Kellogg mTurk Panel

Experiment Design & Deployment

Sona System Management & Study Scheduling

Participant Compensation

Data Management & Analysis

We can do more than just run participants—our lab fellows partner with you to design and deploy your experiments

We launch and schedule your studies so you can focus on the research

We manage payment method procurement, execution, and tracking. You just provide the chart string

We can assist with data management and analysis so you can focus on the findings