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Northwestern University suspended its tape conversion service (whether 9-track reel tapes, 8 mm cassettes or IBM 3480 cartridges) in August of 2002.

The official announcement from NUIT is posted in

Academic Technologies has identified two local commercial services that do media conversions. The list and references below have been copied from: Media and Data Conversion Service Bureaus:

These vendors also perform data conversions (converting data from one format to another). Keep in mind that Kellogg has a couple of utilities that are helpful in this respect. DBMS/Copy is installed in Kellogg's Unix server, skew3, while StatTrasnfer is available in the "special software" workstations in the Kellogg computer labs.

If you obtain data in a tape or cartridge and must use one of those services, it will be useful to find as much as possible about the format of the media you have received.

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