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Recent announcements

September 3: Stata in skew4 upgraded from Stata/SE 10 to Stata/MP2 11.
March 13: Kellogg eLab subject pool for behavioral research.

Announcements during previous years:

September 3: Stata in skew4 upgraded from Stata/SE 10 to Stata/MP2 11.

Stata in the Kellogg Linux-based research server, skew4, has been upgraded from Stata/SE version 10 to Stata/MP2 version 11. Users can now take advantage of extra computational power by using two cores in the system simultaneously. Stata/MP2 can be started by typing "stata" (in SSH) or "xstata" (for X-Win users) at the prompt.Version 10 will remain in the system for 30 days and can be started by typing "stata10" or "xstata10".

The Stata manuals are now available in PDF format and an HTML version is available in the Stata Corp. web site.

March 13: Kellogg eLab subject pool for behavioral research.

Kellogg eLab is a new subject pool designed to advertise and recruit participants for online research studies. Kellogg eLab extends beyond the standard student population by enrolling both local and nonlocal participants, who are recruited nationwide via popular online forums, websites such as Craigslist, and social networking sites.

We are currently enrolling prospective research participants and recruiting efforts will be ongoing. Some of the features of Kellogg eLab include:

  • A pre-test questionnaire that prospective participants must complete upon their first login into the system. Answers to the pre-test can be used to include/exclude potential participants in a study or to target a specific subset of the subject pool population for a specific study.
  • The possibility to create individualized links to a Qualtrics survey that contains participants� eLab anonymous id. This code will be recorded in the data file created by Qualtrics and will facilitate the tracking of actual participants and no-shows, and the crediting granting process.
  • The availability of Amazon electronic gift cards that can be distributed via email as payment to online participants.

For more information about Kellogg eLab policies and procedures, please visit the Kellogg eLab on the Research Computing website (the page is password protected, and is accessible to faculty and PhD students). This page also contains information about Qualtrics Online Panels, a service for online data collection, with a minimum cost of $2,000.

If you are new to behavioral research or experimental research, in general, you can visit the �Getting started with behavioral research� page, to know more about available resources and policies regarding data collection with human subjects. Please note that access to the subject pools is strictly for research by faculty and doctoral students and requires IRB certification.

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