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Limdep 7.0 is available on Unix, both on Kellogg's Unix server, skew3, and DCE/DFS. NLOGIT 2.0, an add-on program to compute nested logit models, is installed in skew3, while NLOGIT 1.1 is available on DCE/DFS.

July 9, 2001 update: To access the Limdep installation of Limdep that includes NLOGIT 2.0 on skew3, run "limdep.nlogit" instead of "limdep".

Note: Version 7.0 will be the last version for Unix and mainframes produced by Econometric Software, which will discontinue support for it once version 8 for Windows is rolled out.


Limdep is a general statistical package better known for its capabilities to learn with limited dependent variables, including nested logit models.

Vendor information

Econometrics Software Inc.
15 Gloria Place
Plainview, NY 11803
Phone: (516) 938-5254



Running Limdep

Limdep can be run either in interactive or in batch mode. Each session of Limdep creates a log file called "trace.lim". This file will be overwritten if it exists already.

To ... The command is
Start an interactive session Type


at the Unix prompt. Limdep will prompt you to type "start". After typing "start", you will get the Limdep prompt:


End an interactive Type "stop" or "exit" at the Limdep prompt. You will be asked to confirm ("y" or "n")
Run a batch Limdep job Use Unix redirection symbols:

limdep < test.lim > test.lst

Examples and solutions

There are sample programs stored in Skew3 in the following path:


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Manuals available at Research Computing


  • Limdep 7.0 User's Manual (2 copies; includes NLOGIT documentation)

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