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Research Computing has a small resource room or library, located in Jacobs 4219. There is a phone in the room (467-1842) for user convenience in placing calls to vendor support lines.  The phone is unattended and does not have voicemail.  The library is for use by current Kellogg faculty and doctoral students only, during regular business hours.

Books, manuals and code books

Research Computing keeps a small collection of books and manuals related to statistical, mathematical and programming software widely used by Kellogg researchers, as well as code books and documentation for the data sets available at Kellogg.

Books, manuals, and code books (aka "books") may be used in the Research Computing library or, if needed, they may be checked out for short periods, i.e., less than one week. If a user finds that he/she needs the book for a more extended period, the research associates may advise the user on how to purchase a copy for himself/herself.

Should the user not return a book within a reasonable time or if a book has been severely damaged, KIS will charge 150% of the book's cost to the faculty member's CUFS account.  In the case of a doctoral student, his/her department's CUFS account will be charged.

Any book removed from the Research Computing library must be checked out by completing the user's information on the sign out sheet. This sheet has two purposes: to track resource location and to provide information about the resources that are most utilized and possibly acquire additional copies.

Borrowed books are subject to recall by the research associates from the user with one business day notice.

Data set media

A few data sets owned by Kellogg have Windows-based interface programs that cannot be installed on the Research Computing NT server.  These data sets have been installed on the workstations in the Research Computing library.

The associated media may be borrowed by faculty and doctoral students for one day for installation on University owned computers. This media may not be duplicated or lent to any other user, and the data should be removed once it is no longer needed.

Library computers

The workstations in the Research Computing library are intended to facilitate data downloads, allow faculty to work with a research assistant or colleague on a specific task (e.g. showing how to access a certain resource), allow faculty or doctoral students to work on a specific problem while having access to necessary manuals and documentation, and allow the Research Computing staff to work with a faculty member or doctoral student.

These workstations are not intended for long term use by any individual. In particular, they are not intended to provide a regular working area for doctoral, MBA, or undergraduate students who are carrying out research projects or serving as faculty research assistants.

No user files should be left on the workstation hard drives, as these will be deleted without warning.  Research Computing will not assume any responsibility for recovery or backup of user files left on the hard drives.

There are three workstations available in the Research Computing library:

  • A dual processor Windows XP x64 workstation: Dell Precision 670, 3.60 GHz Xeon, with 8GB of RAM, a CD-RW drive and a DVD-RW drive.
  • A Windows XP workstation: Dell OptiPlex GX270, 3 GHz Pentium 4, with 2GB of RAM, a DVD drive and a CD-RW drive.

The Microsoft Windows workstations include local installations of several data sets to facilitate use by faculty and doctoral students: SDC Platinum, Datastream, LPC DealScan, EMDB 2000, and DRI Basic Economics. In addition, the following mathematical and statistical software has been installed on the Microsoft Windows workstations: Matlab, Maple, SPSS, Stata, and SAS.  The HP workstation includes standard Unix tools and Matlab.

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