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HLM Version 6 is available in Unix on SSCC (seldon and hardin).

Free student edition of HLM 6.04 for Windows is available at


HLM is used for studying the relationships at any level in a single analysis, while not ignoring the variability associated with each level of the hierarchy.

Vendor information

Scientific Software International
7383 N Lincoln Ave, Suite 100
Lincolnwood, IL 60712-1747
Phone: (847) 675-0720


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Running Lisrel

First, log in to seldon/hardin using your netid. Then, given your model specification, type the appropriate commands. For the list of the different specifications please go to SSCC. The available commands are hlm2, hlm3, hcm2, hmlm, hmlm2, and hlmdoc. For example, for two-level linear and non-linear (HGLM) models, type hlm2.

Manuals available at Research Computing

Hard copies:

  • Raudenbusch, Stephen, Anthony Bryk, Yuk Fai Cheong & Richard Congdon: HLM 5. Hierachical Linear and Nonlinear odeling. SSI Scientific Software International, 2001
  • Raudenbusch, Stephen & Anthony Bryk, Hierachical Linear Models. Applications and Data Analysis Methods. Sage, 2002

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