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Consultation services are restricted to current Kellogg faculty and doctoral students. MBA students should first contact the student technical support center if having difficulties with access to a resource, or the intructor who assigned use of the specific resource. For information about services provided by Research Support, please refer to About RS.

All NU and Kellogg subscriptions are for academic (research/educational) use only. Commercial and for-profit use, such as in the context of an internship, job or consulting, is not allowed by our licensing agreements. Access to these resources is not to be shared with anyone who is not a Northwestern affiliate (or Kellogg affiliate, depending on the licensing agreement).�Adherence to the parameters of these licensing agreements ensures continued access to these research�resources for the whole Northwestern community.

Kellogg faculty and doctoral students may send questions related to research support services and resources to, which reaches all staff members.

Name Office Phone E-mail (add Kellogg domain to address)
Alain Bonacossa, Director Jacobs 4227 467-1854 a-bonacossa
Simone Cavallaro, Research Lab Manager Jacobs 370A 467-4625 s-cavallaro
Andrei Jirnyi, Sr. Research Associate Jacobs 4222 467-4070 a-jirnyi
Maja Kos, Academic Editor Jacobs 4219 491-0257 pledesma

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