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UNIX: Both C and C++ are available in any of the university UNIX hosts. Kellogg's UNIX server, skew3, has two installations: the C (cc) and C++ (CC) compilers from Sun's WorkShop version 5.0, and the GNU project C (gcc) and C++ (g++)

MS Windows: Kellogg faculty and doctoral students may request installation of Microsoft Visual C or C++ on a university owned machine. These compilers are part of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, to which Kellogg has access through a Microsoft Campus Agreement site license (renewed annually). Please refer to the KIS guidelines for hardware and software purchases, and contact the KIS faculty/staff group regarding the installation.


Both C and C++ are high-level programming languages; C++ is a superset of C, which with object-oriented programming features. For a history of the C language, see "The Development of the C Language", by Dennis M. Ritchie, one of the original developers of this language.

Compiling C and C++ programs

Skew3 has three versions of C and C++ installed. The default versions (responding to cc and CC for ANSI C and C++. respectively) are those corresponding to the Sun WorkShop version 5.0.

In addition, Sun's BSD Compatibility Package C compiler is also available (/usr/ucb/cc).

The third version of these compilers corresponds to the GNU Project (gcc and g++ for C and C++, respectively), version 2.95.

To find options for each specific compiler, please refer to its man pages (e.g., man CC).

Examples and solutions

Manuals available at Research Computing


  • Practical C Programming, S. Oualline, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 1993
  • Practical C++ Programming, S. Oualline, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 1995

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