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Board Analyst is accessible on Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS).


Board Analyst is a source of comprehensive objective corporate governance, compensation, and critical company information. It covers 1500 to 3000 firms (depending on the year) from 2001  to 2006 and over 45,000 corporate executives and directors.

The Corporate Library offers annual historical data captures from Board Analyst for each proxy year beginning in 2001. Information includes:

  • Corporate Board Structure and Independence
  • Director Positions and Committee Assignments
  • Executive Compensation
  • Director Compensation
  • Audit Fees
  • Corporate Ownership
  • Takeover Defenses

Among other things, it includes such fields as SOX compliance, the existence of a code of ethics, identity of the "financial expert" in the audit committee, some litigation information, etc.

Vendor information

The Corporate Library
45 Exchange Street,
Suite 201
Portland, Maine 04101

Accessing Board Analyst

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