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Bureau Van Dijk data is accessible on Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS). Currently, Kellogg subscribes to Bankscope and the NU Library subscribes to Orbis. Since Orbis is not available through WRDS, Bureau van Dijk extends courtesy access to Amadeus and Osiris.


AMADEUS is a pan-European financial database containing information on over 10 million public and private companies from 41 countries, including all the EU countries and Eastern Europe. Up to 10 years of detailed information (consolidated statements are also provided when available) comprising 24 balance sheet items, 25 profit and loss account items and 26 ratios. The descriptive information includes: official national identification number, address, telephone, fax, website, legal form, year of incorporation, senior managers, auditors, number of employees, quoted/unquoted indicator, industry and activity codes and, when available, a trade description in the local language and English.

BANKSCOPE is a database containing financial information on over 28,000 banks worldwide. Up to 16 years of detailed information are available for European banks, North American banks, all Japanese commercial and sogo banks, and over 4,100 other major banks. Content includes balance sheet data (200 items), income and expenses (37 items), ratios (39 items), and other annual financial data. Information on global and country-specific rankings (by total assets) is also available.

ORBIS includes full searching facilities and a global standard report format for international searching and analysis. ORBIS has information on over 111 million companies around the world, both private and public.

OSIRIS contains financial information on globally listed public companies, including banks and insurance firms from over 190 countries. The combined industrial company dataset contains standardized and as reported financials, including restated accounts, for up to 20 years on over 55,000 companies. The bank financials in OSIRIS offers up to 8 years of financial data for more than 3,350 listed banks. Insurance company financials, collected from annual reports and the NAIC and cover up to 9 years of data on over 660 listed insurance companies. OSIRIS strives to cover all publicly listed companies worldwide. In addition, it covers major non-listed companies when they are primary subsidiaries of publicly listed companies.

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Accessing Bureau Van Dijk BankScope

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