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The goal of the Research Support group is to facilitate the use of the research resources and facilities available at Kellogg. This broad task includes not only the logistical aspect of maintaining resources, but also supporting their use, educating users, and troubleshooting in statistical computing.

There are three research associates and a lab manager in the group, who work under the direction of the Research Computing Committee. The Research Computing Committee is in charge of addressing school-wide issues and policies.

For a brief introduction to research computing resources available to Kellogg researchers, please take a look at the following document:


Access to Kellogg's Research Support services and resources is provided under the following guidelines:

Research Support staff

Questions related to Kellogg's research support services resources may be sent to, which reaches all the staff members.

Name Office Phone E-mail (add Kellogg domain to address)
Alain Bonacossa Jacobs 4227 467-1854 a-bonacossa
Simone Cavallaro Jacobs 370A 467-4625 s-cavallaro
Andrei Jirnyi Jacobs 4222 467-4070 a-jirnyi
Maja Kos Jacobs 4219 491-0257 m-kos


There are two standing committees that set the priorities for the activities and resources under the purview of Research Computing. Both are composed of faculty members and staff members, are appointed for the academic year, and meet periodically. The Research Computing Committee sets the priorities for the Research Computing group as a whole. In addition, in 2006, the Behavioral Research Committee was established to deal specifically with experimental and behavioral research resource.


  • Linux support: The Research Computing group provides support to Linux users within Kellogg, coordinating the maintenance of Kellogg's Linux server (skew) with Northwestern's Information Technology services.
  • Database management: The Research Computing group administers data sources subscribed by Kellogg and installed on Kellogg's Linux server (skew) or public computers.
  • Consultation services: The research associates provide consultation services on statistical and mathematical software, and provide assistance with the data sources to which Kellogg subscribes. Consultation services are restricted to current Kellogg faculty and doctoral students.
  • User training: The research associates can provide training sessions for groups of doctoral students. For faculty members, one-on-one sessions may be arranged.
  • Enabling analytical MBA courses: The Research Computing group also supports faculty in the preparation of research-oriented resources for use in MBA classes. While the research associates will not interact directly with MBA students, they can provide assistance preparing a handout on how to access a specific resource or how to use specific routines of supported statistical and mathematical software. They can also help the faculty member by coaching a teaching assistant.

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