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This year's Decentralization Conference(March 20-22, NU Allen Center) was held in honor of Stanley Reiter, founder of the Math Center, who passed away this August. For information on the conference, click here.

Dr. Reiter was one of the pioneers in the application of mathematical methods to the study of operations and a leader in the field of mechanism design. He was also a master artist and sculptor. His bronze sculpture, "The Runner," is on display in the James Allen Center, on the 2nd floor, outside Classroom 240. For more information about Dr. Reiter's life and work at Northwestern, please see this article.

The Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics and Management Science (CMS-EMS) was created in 1971 to bring together economists, mathematicians, and social scientists at Northwestern University who use mathematical methods and models in their work. A major focus of research at the Center has been the use of game theory in the analysis and design of systems, organizations, and institutions for managing and regulating economic and political activities.

CMS-EMS is part of the Kellogg School of Management and is a related center of the Northwestern Institute of Complex Systems (NICO). It is also closely affiliated with the Center for Economic Theory (CET) of the Weinberg College.

CMS-EMS has a twofold mission:

  • To encourage and support the research and professional development of faculty members and students, and
  • To provide a link between the Northwestern community and the international professional community.

These missions are realized by a variety of programs.

  • A series of seminars organized jointly with the CET where faculty members (and, on occasion, students) present work-in-progress;
  • A series of Theory Workshops organized jointly with the CET where invited speakers communicate and discuss their research;
  • Occasional mini-courses and tutorials;
  • Some longer term visitors (post-docs, faculty members from other institutions and 'pre-docs') who spend from a few weeks to an academic year here;
  • A pre-print series, called CMS-EMS Discussion Papers - these papers, which are usually published in professional journals or books, circulate internationally. Approximately 50-60 papers are produced each year.
  • Two to three small conferences a year on a variety of topics consistent with the interests of the CMS-EMS.
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