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Papers 400 - 799

799 Competitively Cost Advantageous Mergers and Monopolization
  Morton I. Kamien and Israel Zang, December 1988.
798 Consumer-Benefited Cartels Under Strategic Capital Investment Competition
  Akihiko Matsui, June 1987, Revised August 1988.
797 A Note on Fiscal Policy Under Flexible Exchange Rates
  Pekka Ahtiala, July 1988.
796 Mechanism Design
  Roger B. Myerson, September 1988.
795 Involuntary Unemployment and the Threat to Shirking Workers
  Hiroshi Osano, September 1988.
794 The Potential Disadvantage of Becoming Too Large In Duopolistic Industry
  Chaim Fershtman and Eitan Muller, June 1988.
793 The Nature of Equilibria in the Buyer's Bid Double Auction
  Steven R. Williams, August 1988.
792 Corporate Spinoffs in an Agency Framework
  Debra J. Aron, Revised June 1988.
791 Full Bayesian Implementation
  Matthew O. Jackson, December1987, Revised August 1988.
790 Equilibrium, Price Formation and the Value of Information in Economies with Privately Informed Agents
  Matthew O. Jackson, December 1987, Revised May 1988.
789 On The Order of Eliminating Dominated Strategies
  Ehud Kalai and Eitan Zemel, August 1988.
788 Information and Time-Of-Use Decisions in Stochastically Congestable Facilities
  Richard Arnott, Andre de Palma and Robin Lindsey, Revised June 1988.
787 Advertising, Coordination, and Signaling
  Kyle Bagwell and Garey Ramey, August 1988.
786 Information Leakage Forces Cooperation
  Akihiko Matsui, May 1988.
785 Bertrand Competition with Subcontracting
  Morton I. Kamien, Lode Li, and Dov Samet, June 1988.
784 Stationary Sequential Equilibria in Bargaining With Two-Sided Incomplete Information
  Lawrence M. Ausubel and Raymond J. Deneckere, June 1988.
783 Bounded Rationality and Strategic Complexity in Repeated Games
  Ehud Kalai, October 1987, Revised June 1988.
782 A Theory of Voting Equilibria
  Roger B. Myerson and Robert J. Weber, Revised 1992.
781 Similarity of Correlated Equilibria
  Kevin Cotter, July 1988.
780 Public Utility Pricing and Capacity Choice Under Risk: A Rational Expectations Approach 
  Stephen Coate and John C. Panzer, Revised June 1988.
779 On Existence of a Nash Equilibrium Point in N-Person Nonzero Sum Stochastic Jump Differential Games
  Birger Wernerfelt, June 1988.
778 Market Frictions and Posted Prices
  Birger Wernerfelt, June l988.
777 Nash and Correlated Equilibria: Some Complexity Considerations
  Itzhak Gilboa and Eitan Zemel, June 1988.
776 Resale-Proof Trades of Information
  Mikio Nakayama, L.Quintas and S. Muto, Revised May 1988.
775 Bargaining with Common Values
  Daniel R. Vincent, June 1988.
774 Partially-Revealing Rational Expectations Equilibrium in a Competitive Economy
  Lawrence M. Ausubel, April 1988.
773 Price Leadership
  Raymond Deneckere and Dan Kovenock, March 1988.
772 Dynamic Monopoly Power When Search is Costly
  Kyle Bagwell and Michael Peters, April 1988.
771 Quality vs. Quantity in Military Procurement: An Organizational Theory of Decision Bias
  William P. Rogerson, February 1988.
770 Dynamic Auctions
  Daniel R. Vincent, March 1988.
769 Managerial Incentives in An Entrepreneurial Stock Market Model
  R. E. Kihlstrom and Steven A. Matthews, March 1988.
768 Testing Between Competing Models of Business Cycles: The Efficient Long-Term Contract Hypothesis versus the Intertemporal Substitution Hypothesis
  H. Osano and T. Inoue, March 1988.
767 Sustainable Matching Plans with Adverse Selection
  Roger B. Myerson, March 1988.
766 Efficient Investment and Trade with Asymmetric Information
  William P. Rogerson, January 1988.
765 A Strategic Form for a Convex Game
  M. Nakayama, February 1988.
764 Uniqueness of Nash Equilibrium Points in Bimatrix Games
  L. G. Quintas, February 1988.
763 Equilibrium of Repeated Games With Cost of Implementation
  Alejandro Neme and Luis Quintas, August 1988.
762 A Note on Polymatrix Games
  L. G. Quintas, January 1988.
761 Informational Externalities and the Scope of Efficient Dominant Strategy Mechanisms
  Steven R. Williams and R. Radner, February 1968.
760 Efficiency in Partnership When The Joint Output is Uncertain
  Steven R. Williams and Roy Radner, February 1988.
759 Profit Regulation of Defense Contractors and Prizes for Innovation : Theory and Evidence
  William P. Rogerson, January 1988.
758 The Role of Export Subsidies When Product Quality is Unknown
  Kyle Bagwell and R. Staiger, Revised May 1987.
757 A Cooperative Game of Information Trading: The Core and the Nucleolus
  S. Muto and M. Nakayama, January l988.
756 Optimal Orderings for Parallel Search
  Tara Vishwanath, August 1987.
755 Nonlinear Dynamics Applied to Numerical Analysis and Economics
  Donald G. Saari, January 1988.
754 The Limits of Monopolization Through Acquisition
  Morton I. Kamien and Israel Zang, December 1987.
753 The Coordination Problem and Equilibrium Theories of Recessions
  Larry E. Jones and R. E. Manuelli, December 1987.
752 The Logit as a Theoretical Model of Product Differentiation: Market Equilibrium and Social Optimum
  Simon Anderson and Andre de Palma, Revised June 1987.
751 The Polytope of Degree Sequences
  Uri N. Peled and Murali L Srinivasan, November 1987.
750 Competition, Relativism, and Market Choice
  Debra J. Aron and Edward P. Lazear, October 1987.
749 Ignoring Ignorance and Agreeing to Disagree
  D. Samet, October 1987.
748 Is Approval Voting an 'Unmitigated Evil?' A Response to Brams, Fishburn, and Merrill
  Donald G. Saari and Jill Van Newenhizen, October 1987.
747 Symmetry and Extensions of Arrow's Theorem
  Donald G. Saari, October 1987.
746 Turnpike Properties in a Finite Horizon Differential Game: Dynamic Duopoly with Sticky Prices
  Chaim Fershtman and Morton I. Kamien, October 1987.
745 A Dictionary for Voting Paradoxes
  Donald G. Saari, July 1987.
744 Pre-Play Communication in Two-Person Sealed-Bid Double Auctions
  Steven A. Matthews and Andrew Postlewaite, Revised March 1988.
743 Market Frictions and Hierarchical Trading Institutions
  Birger Wernerfelt, September 1987.
742 Infinite Horizon Games With Perfect Equilibrium Points
  Subir K. Chakrabarti, July 1987.
741 The Rate of Convergence to Efficiency In The Buyer's Bid Double Auction As The Market Becomes Large
  Mark A. Satterthwaite and Steven R. Williams, February 15, 1988.
740 The Core of Resale-Proof Information Trades
  Mikio Nakayama and Luis Quintas, April 1988.
739 On the Perniciousness of Direct Elections in Organizations Democratically Ruled by Imperfectly Informed Members: A Single-Agent Multiple-Principal Agency Problem
  Virgilio Rodriguez, August 1987.
738 Perfect Equilibria in a Trade Liberalization Game
  Kiminori Matsuyama, April 1987, Revised June 1987.
737 Immiserizing Growth in Diamond's Overlapping Generations Model: A Geometrical Exposition
  K. Matsuyama, March 1986, Revised July 1987.
736 On the Approximation of Upper Semi-Continuous Correspondences and the Equilibriums of Generalized Games
  C. Ionescu Tulcea, June 1987.
735 Susceptibility to Manipulation
  Donald G. Saari, June 1987.
734 Cyclical and Chaotic Behavior in a Dynamic Equilibrium Model, With Implications for Fiscal Policy
  Raymond Deneckere and Kenneth Judd, October 1986, Revised December 1987.
733 Quantity Discount Schemes for Channel Coordination
  Mark Parry and Dipak Jain, February 1987.
732 A Stochastic Model of Household Brand Switching Behavior
  Dipak Jain and Shun-Chen Niu, January 1987.
731 Cooperation Through Delegation
  Chaim Fershtman, Kenneth Judd and Ehud Kalai, Revised December 1987.
730 Optimality of a General Ad Valorem Tax
  Lars Thorlund-Petersen, May 1987.
729 Advertising and Limit Pricing
  Kyle Bagwell and Garey Ramey, April 1987.
728 A Direct Mechanism Characterization of Sequential Bargaining With One-Sided Incomplete Information
  Lawrence M. Ausubel and Raymond J. Deneckere, Revised September 1987.
727 Commuters' Paths With Penalties for Early or Late Arrival Time
  Andre de Palma, Pierre Hansen and Martine Labbe, April 1987.
726 Demand for Differentiated Products, Discrete Choice Models, and the Address Approach
  Simon P. Anderson, Andre de Palma and Jacques-Francois Thisse, April l987.
725 Schur-Convex Homogenous Difference Equations
  Lars Thorlund-Petersen, March 1987.
724 Cash Versus Direct Food Relief
  Stephen Coate, February 1987.
723 Bilateral Trade With The Sealed Bid K-Double Action: Existence And Efficiency
  Mark A. Satterthwaite and Steven R. Williams, Revised December 1987.
722 Introductory Price as a Signal of Cost in a Model of Repeat Business
  Kyle Bagwell, Revised March 1987.
721 Dynamic Matching Problems With Incentive Constraints
  Roger B. Myerson, March 1987.
720 Competitive Location in the Plane
  Zvi Drezner and Eitan Zemel, Revised February 1987.
719 Lexicographic Domination in Extensive Games
  Akira Okada, February 1987.
718 Approximation of Third-Degree Stochastic Dominance by Cone Orderings
  Lars Thorlund-Petersen, January 1987.
717 The Value of Information in a Strategic Conflict
  Morton I. Kamien, Yair Tauman and Shmuel Zamir, February 1987.
716 Strong, Perfect Equilibrium Payoffs of Inertia Supergames
  Subir K. Chakrabarati, January 1987.
715 Umbrella Branding as a Signal of New Product Quality: An Example of Reputational Economies of Scope
  Birger Wemerfelt, December 1986.
714 On the Optimality of Menus of Linear Contracts
  William P. Rogerson, January 1987.
713 On The Computational Complexity of Facets of the Knapsack Problem
  Eitan Zemel, December 1986.
712 Symmetry, Voting, and Social Choice
  Donald G. Saari, November 1986.
711 Informational Product Differentiation as a Barrier to Entry
  Kyle Bagwell, November 1986.
710 We Eventually Agree
  James Bergin, September 1986.
709 Convergence of Games With Asymmetric Information
  Kevin D. Cotter, Revised April 1987.
708 The Rate At Which a Simple Market Becomes Efficient as the Number of Traders Increases: An Asymptotic Result for Optimal Trading Mechanisms
  Thomas A. Gresik and Mark A. Satterthwaite, Revised October 1986.
707 Price Advertising and the Deterioration of Product Quality
  William P. Rogerson, Revised October 1986.
706 A Two-Person Repeated Bargaining Game with Long-Term Contracts
  Akira Okada, November 1986.
705 Equilibrium Price Dynamics for an Experience Good
  Kyle Bagwell and Michael Riordan, September 1986.
704 Advertising as a Signal When Price Guarantees Quality
  William P. Rogerson, September 1986.
703 Internal Pricing and Cost Allocation for Efficient Decentralized Control
  Avraham Beja and Israel Zang, September 1986.
702 Partially-Revealing Rational Expectations Equilibria in a General Equilibrium Economy: An Example Without Noise
  Lawrence M. Ausubel, September 1986.
701 Should Food Aid Be Given Away or Sold During a Famine?
  Stephen Coate, August 1986, revised August 1987.
700 Discrete Versus Continuous Trading in Securities Markets with Net Worth Constraints
  Kerry Back and Stanley R. Pliska, September 1986.
699 Learning-by-Doing and the Introduction of New Goods
  Nancy L Stokey, September 1986, revised May 1987.
698 A Note on the Existence of Single Price Equilibrium Price Distributions in Sequential Search Models
  William P. Rogerson, April 1986.
697 The Dissipation of Profits by Brand Name Investment and Entry When Price Guarantees Quality
  William P. Rogerson, September 1985, Revised April 1986.
696 On the Equilibriums of Generalized Games
  C. Ionescu Tulcea, August 1986.
695 Reputation in Bargaining and Durable Goods Monopoly
  Lawrence M. Ausubel and Raymond J. Deneckere, June 1986.
694 Uniqueness of Nash Equilibrium for Linear-Convex Stochastic Differential Games
  Birger Wernerfelt, January 1986.
693 Tacit Collusion and Product Differentiation
  Birger Wernerfelt, July 1986.
692 Information Revelation in Infinitely Repeated Incomplete Information Games
  James Bergin, July l986.
691 Credible Negotiation Statements and Coherent Plans
  Roger B. Myerson, August 1986, revised August 1987.
690 The Shadow Price of Information in Continuous Time Decision Problems
  Kerry Back and Stanley R. Pliska, July 1986, revised March 1987.
689 The Importance of the Agenda in Bargaining
  Chaim Fershtman, July 1986.
688 Preemptive Bidding and the Role of the Medium of Exchange in Acquisitions
  Michael J. Fishman, July 1986.
687 The Use of Options in Generating and Pricing Return Streams
  James Bergin, November 1985.
686 A Characterization of Sequential Equilibrium Strategies in Infinitely Repeated Incomplete Information Games
  James Bergin, April 1986.
685 On Communication, Bounded Complexity and Cooperation
  Eitan Zemel, Revised November 1986.
684 Monopolistic Competition and Preference Diversity
  Raymond Deneckere and Michael Rothschild, February 1986.
683 Securities Market Equilibrium Without Bankruptcy: Contingent Claim Valuation and the Martingale Property
  Kerry Back, May 1986, Revised July 1986.
682 The Macroeconomic Effects of Uncertain Fiscal Policy
  Kenneth L. Judd, December 1984, Revised February 1986.
681 Capital Gains Taxation by Realization in Dynamic General Equilibrium
  Kenneth L. Judd, February 1986.
680 Are Bayesian-Nash Incentives and Implementations Perfect?
  Ehud Kalai and Dov Samet, May 1986.
679 Finite Rationality and Interpersonal Complexity in Repeated Games
  Ehud Kalai and William Stanford, April 1986.
678 On the Existence of Sunspot Equilibria in an Overlapping Generations Model
  James Peck, March 1986.
677 The Kinked Demand Curve, Facilitating Practices, and Oligopolistic Competition
  Ehud Kalai and Mark A. Satterthwaite, February 1986.
676 Strategic Behavior and Competition : An Overview
  Ehud Kalai, February 1986.
675 Excess Capacity and Collusion
  Carl Davidson and Raymond Deneckere, Revised February 1986.
674 Efficient Allocation
  Stanley Reiter, February 1986.
673 Optimal Consumption Plans and Portfolio Management with Duration-Dependent Returns
  Yves Balcer and Kenneth L. Judd, September 1985.
672 Inference in the Explosive First-Order Linear Dynamic Regression Model
  Ian Domowitz and Lars Muus, Revised December 1985.
671 Axiomatic Foundations of Bayesian Decision Theory
  Roger B. Myerson, January 1986.
670 A Theory of Preemptive Takeover Bidding
  Michael J. Fishman, December 1985.
669 One is Almost Enough for Monopoly
  Lawrence Ausubel and Raymond Deneckere, Revised January 1987.
668 Reputation Effect in Equilibrium Search and Bargaining--A Stigma Theory of Unemployment Duration
  Elazar Berkovitch, March 1985, Revised October 1985.
667 A Theory of Acquisition Markets--Mergers vs Tender Offers
  Elazar Berkovitch and Naveen Khanna, October 1985. 
  Published as "A Theory of Acquisition Markets--Mergers vs. Tender Offers and Golden Parachutes," in the Review of Financial Studies, Vol 4, No. 1, 1991, pp. 149-174.
666 Negotiation and Arbitration: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
  Robert J. Weber, November 1985.
665 Optimal License Fees for a New Product
  Morton I. Kamien, Yair Tauman and Israel Zang, June 1985.
664 Comparing Auctions for Risk Averse Buyers: A Buyer's Point of View
  Steven A. Matthews, October 1985, Revised March 1986.
663 Game Forms with Minimal Strategy Spaces
  Stefan Reichelstein and Stanley Reiter, July 1985.
662 Implicit Labor Contracts to Explain Turnover
  Elazar Berkovitch, May 1985. 
  Published in Journal of Labor Economics, July 1986.
661 Monopoly Provision of Quality and Warranties: An Exploration in the Theory of Multidimensional Screening
  Steven Matthews and John Moore, August 1985, Revised 1986.
660 Probabilistic Analysis of the Capacitated Transportation Problem
  Refael Hassin and Eitan Zemel, August 1985.
659 The Role of External Search in Bilateral Bargaining
  S. D. Chikte and S.D. Deshmukh, July 1985.
658 Negotiation in Games: A Theoretical Overview
  Roger B. Myerson, July 1985.
657 Incentive Compatibility Problems in Soviet-Type Economies
  Richard Ericson, October 1984, Revised May 1985.
656 Average Waiting Time in Queues with Scheduled Batch Services
  Süleyman Özekici, February 1985.
655 Minimal Euclidean Networks with Flow Dependent Costs--The Generalized Steiner Case: A Monograph
  Dan Trietsch, May 1985.
654 Optimal Motion Towards a Stochastic Destination
  Dan Trietsch, May 1985.
653 Convergence of Information, Random Variables and Noise
  Kevin D. Cotter, May 1985, revised August 1985.
652 A Measure for Crisis Instability
  Barry O'Neill, March 1985.
651 Applications of a Crisis Instability Index: Arms Control Agreements and Space-Based Missile Defenses
  Barry O'Neill, March 1985.
650 International Escalation and the Dollar Auction
  Barry O'Neill, March 1985.
649 On Neighboring Consumers
  Kerry Back, April 1985, revised November 1986.
648 Incentive Compatibility Ten Years Later
  Theodore Groves and John O. Ledyard, April 1985.
647 Closed-Loop Equilibrium in a Multi-Stage Innovation Race
  Kenneth L. Judd, February 1985.
646 Comprehensive Design of Highway Networks
  Dan Trietsch, March 1985. 
645 A Family of Methods for the Preliminary Design of Highways
  Dan Trietsch, January 1985.
644 Optimum Product Diversity and the Incentives for Entry in Large Economies
  Larry E. Jones, February 1985.
643 The Welfare Cost of Factor Taxation in a Perfect Foresight Model
  Kenneth L. Judd, December 1984.
642 Equilibrium Incentives in Oligopoly
  Chaim Fershtman and Kenneth L Judd, Revised April 1986.
641 The Rate at Which a Simple Market Becomes Efficient as the Number of Traders Increases: An Asymptotic Result for Optimal Trading Mechanisms
  Thomas A. Gresik and Mark A. Satterthwaite, January 1985.
640 Connecting Euclidean Networks---The Steiner Case
  Dan Trietsch, January 1985.
639R Some Notes on Natural Cubic Spline Functions, Nonlinear Regression and the Elastica
  Dan Trietsch, January 1985, revised May 1985.
638 The Optimal Ranking Method is the Borda Count
  Donald G. Saari, January 1985.
637 A Case Against Bullet, Approval and Plurality Voting
  Donald G. Saari and Jill Van Newenhizen, January 1985.
636 Random Behavior in Numerical Analysis, Decision Theory, and Macrosystems: Some Impossibility Theorems
  Donald G. Saari, December 1984.
635 An Improved Algorithm for Steiner Trees
  Dan Trietsch, December 1984, revised May 1985.
634 The Economics of Quality Testing and Disclosure
  Steven A. Matthews and Andrew Postlewaite, December 1984.
633 Structure of Consumption Sets and Existence of Equilibria in Infinite-Dimensional Spaces
  Kerry Back, March 1986, revised August 1986.
632 Augmenting Euclidean Networks--The Steiner Case
  Dan Trietsch, Revised November 1984.
631 Continuity of the Fenchel Transform of Convex Functions
  Kerry Back, November 1983, Revised December 1984.
630 Quit Probabilities and Job Tenure: On the Job Training or Matching?
  Dale T. Mortensen, August 1984.
629 The Dynamics of Industry-Wide Learning
  Nancy L. Stokey, October 1984, Revised July l985.
628 Money and Interest in a Cash-In-Advance Economy
  Robert E. Lucas Jr. and Nancy L. Stokey, October 1984, revised July 1985.
627 The Theory of Principal and Agent: Part 1
  Ray Rees, October 1984.
626 Sustainable Outlay Schedules
  J.C. Panzar and A.W. Postlewaite, Revised August 1984.
625 Euler's Problem of Polygon Division and Full Steiner Topologies--A Duality
  Dan Trietsch, October 1984.
624 General Equilibrium and Growth Under Uncertainty: The Turnpike Property
  Ramon Marimon, August 1984.
623 An Introduction to Game Theory
  Roger B. Myerson, September 1984, Revised July 1985.
622 Market Structure and International Technology Transfer
  Kisang Lee, August 1984.
621 International Technology Transfer and Technology Diffusion Effects
  Kisang Lee, August 1984.
620 Price Adjustment Speed and Dynamic Duopolistic Competitors
  Chaim Fershtman and Morton I. Kamien, August 1984.
619 Random Binary Search: A Randomizing Algorithm for Global Optimization in R1
  Eitan Zemel, August 1984.
618 Banking Panics, Information and Rational Expectations Equilibrium
  V.V. Chari and Ravi Jagannathan, July 1984.
617 Layoffs and Unemployment Compensation as Social Instruments
  V.V. Chari, July 1984.
616 Stochastic Specification of Cost and Production Relationships
  Peter E. Rossi, August 1984.
615 A Stochastic Theory of Monopolistic Firms
  Lode Li, July 1984.
614 A Linear Time Randomizing Algorithm for Local Roots and Optima of Ranked Functions
  Eitan Zemel, September 1983, Revised July 1984.
613 An O (n log n) Randomizing Algorithm for the Weighted Euclidean 1-Center Problem
  Nimrod Megiddo and Eitan Zemel, August 1984.
612 Monopoly Bundling of Warranty and Quality When Quality is Unobservable
  Thomas J. Holmes, July 1984.
611 Money and Prices in a Small Economy
  Bjorn Wahlroos, June 1984.
610 Uncertain Lifetimes, Pension Annuities, and Life-Cycle Saving
  R. Glenn Hubbard, August 1983, Revised April 1984.
609 The Source of Some Paradoxes from Social Choice and Probability
  Donald G. Saari, March 1984.
608 A Stochastic Calculus Model of Continuous Trading: Optimal Portfolios
  Stanley R. Pliska, March 1984.
607 The Representation Problem and the Efficiency of the Price Mechanism
  Donald G. Saari, June 1984.
606 Efficiency, Adverse Selection, and Production
  Kenneth L. Judd, June 1984.
605 How a Network of Processors Can Schedule Its Work
  Stanley Reiter, April 1984.
604 Turnpike Properties of Capital Accumulation Games
  Chaim Fershtman and Eitan Muller, June 1984.
603 Dynamic Limit Pricing and Internal Finance
  Kenneth L. Judd and Bruce C. Petersen, June 1984.
602 On Weighted Shapley Values
  Ehud Kalai and Dov Samet, August 1983, revised May 1984.
601 Competition and Two-Part Tariffs
  Beth Hayes, March 1984.
600 A Note on the Price Equilibrium Existence Problem in Banach Lattices
  Larry E. Jones, March 1984, Revised July 1984.
599 Day-of-the-Week Effects on a Thin Stock Market
  Tom Berglund, Eva Liljeblom and Bjorn Wahlroos, Revised July 1984.
598 Stock Returns, Inflationary Expectations, and Real Activity: New Evidence
  Bjorn Wahlroos and Tom Berglund, May 1984.
597 The Nash Bargaining Solution is Optimal
  Eric van Damme, Revised April 1984.
596 Special Problems Arising in the Study of Economies with Infinitely Many Commodities
  Larry E. Jones, May 1984.
595 Managerial Task Assignment and Promotions
  Joan E. Ricart i Costa, March 1984.
594 Job Search and Labor Market Analysis
  Dale Mortensen, April 1984.
593 On Shortest Paths in Graphs with Random Weights
  Refael Hassin and Eitan Zemel, Revised April 1984.
592 The Slow Server Problem: A Queue with Stalling
  Michael Rubinovitch, April 1984.
591 Acceptable and Predominant Correlated Equilibria
  Roger B. Myerson, April 1984, Revised February 1985.
590 Multistage Games with Communication
  Roger B. Myerson, April 1984, Revised February 1985.
589 Anomalies and Equilibrium Returns in a Small Stock Market
  Bjorn Wahlroos and Tom Berglund, January 1984.
588 Convergence of Integrals Encountered in Dichotomous Dependent Variable Problems
  Peter E. Rossi, March 1984
587 The Characteristics Model, Hedonic Prices and the Clientele Effect
  Larry E. Jones, April 1984.
586 Comparison of Alternative Functional Forms in Production
  Peter E. Rossi, February 1984.
585 Monopoly Provision of Product Quality and Warranties
  Steven Matthews and John Moore, Revised August 1984.
584 International Stockpiling Agreements as Responses to Commodity Shocks
  R. Glenn Hubbard and Robert J. Weiner, Revised November 1983.
583 Fees Versus Royalties and the Private Value of a Patent
  Morton I. Kamien and Yair Tauman, January 1984.
582 Analysis of Two Bargaining Problems with Incomplete Information
  Roger B. Myerson, October 1983.
581 Uncertain Lifetimes, Social Security, and Individual Saving
  R. Glenn Hubbard, May 1983, Revised November 1983.
580 Optimal Regulatory Pricing Under Asymmetric Cost Information
  Wayne Y. Lee and Anjan V. Thakor, Revised September I983.
579 The January Effect on a Small Stock Market: Lumpy Information and Tax-Loss Selling
  Bjorn Wahlroos and Tom Berglund, October 1983.
578 Entrusting Investment Decisions to Managers With Superior Information: The Delegation Problem
  Salman Shah and Anjan V. Thakor, September 1983.
577 Credible Spatial Preemption
  Kenneth L. Judd, September 1983.
576 The Private Value of a Patent: A Game Theoretic Analysis
  Morton I. Kamien and Yair Tauman, Revised November 1983.
575 Conjectural Variations Strategies in Dynamic Cournot Games With Fast Reactions
  Ehud Kalai and William Stanford, September 1983.
574 The Efficiency of Monopolistically Competitive Equilibria in Large Economies: Commodity Differentiation With Pure Substitutes
  Larry E. Jones, August 1983.
573 An Axiomatization of Harsanyi's Non-Transferable Utility Solution
  Sergiu Hart, August 1983.
572 Redistributive Taxation in a Simple Perfect Foresight Model
  Kenneth L. Judd, November 1982, Revised June 1983.
571 The Slow Server Problem
  Michael Rubinovitch, August 1983.
570 Bid, Ask and Transaction Prices in a Specialist Market with Heterogeneously Informed Traders
  Lawrence R. Glosten and Paul R. Milgrom, August 1983.
569 The Pure Theory of Large Two Candidate Elections
  John Ledyard, June 1983.
568 Strategy-Proofness: The Existence of Dominant Strategy Mechanisms
  Eitan Muller and Mark Satterthwaite, July 1983.
567 Monotonic Solutions to General Cooperative Games
  Ehud Kalai and Dov Samet, August 1983, revised February 1984.
566 Capital Accumulation and the Sustainability of Collusive Markets
  Chaim Fershtman and Eitan Muller, June 1983.
565 A Martingale Characterization of the Price of a Nonrenewable Resource with Decisions Involving Uncertainty
  Sudhakar D. Deshmukh and Stanley R. Pliska, July 1983.
564 Production Economies With Patents: A Game Theoretic Approach
  Amoz Kats and Yair Tauman, June 1983.
563 Supportability, Sustainability and Subsidy Free Prices
  Leonard J. Mirman, Yair Tauman and Israel Zang, June 1983.
562 Monopoly and Sustainable Prices as a Nash Equilibrium in Contestable Markets
  Leonard Mirman, Yair Tauman and Israel Zang, May l983.
561 Ramsey Prices, Average Cost Prices and Price Sustainability
  Leonard J. Mirman, Yair Tauman and Israel Zang, May 1983.
560 On the Implementability of Reduced Form Auctions
  Steven A. Matthews, June 1983.
559 Short-Run Analysis of Fiscal Policy in a Simple Perfect Foresight Model
  Kenneth L. Judd, June 1983.
558  Exercises in Voodoo Economics
  Kenneth L. Judd, June 1983.
557 Continuous and Hypograph Convergence of Utilities
  Kerry Back, May 1983.
556 Solutions to the Bargaining Problem
  Ehud Kalai, March 1983.
555 Prices and Qualities in Markets With Imperfect Information: A Search Model
  Yuk-Shee Chan and Hayne Leland, March 1983.
554 Linear Rational Expectations Interrelated Factor Demands and Symmetric Adjustment Costs
  Tryphon E. Kollintzas, May 1983.
553 Capital Accumulation Games of Infinite Duration
  Chaim Fershtman and Eitan Muller, March 1983.
552 Distributed Lags and Intermediate Good Imports
  Tryphon E. Kollintzas and Steven L. Husted, March 1983.
551 The Number of Traders Required to Make a Market Competitive: The Beginnings of a Theory
  Thomas A. Gresik and Mark A. Satterthwaite, February 1983.
550 On the Existence of a Locally Stable Dynamic Process With a Statically Minimal Message Space
  Kenneth R. Mount and Stanley Reiter, Revised August 1983.
549 A Welfare Analysis of Unemployment Insurance: Variations on Second Best Themes
  Dale T. Mortensen, February 1983.
548 Bayesian Equilibrium and Incentive-Compatibility: An Introduction
  Roger B. Myerson, February 1983, Revised June 1983.
547 Unions and Strikes with Asymmetric Information
  Beth Hayes, February 1983.
546 Unanimity Games and Pareto Optimality
  Ehud Kalai and Dov Samet, January 1983.
545 Using Weighted Nonlinear Least Squares to Estimate Fish Population Dynamics Models
  Ian Domowitz, Revised October 1982.
544 Monopolistic Competition, Aggregation of Competitive Information, and the Amount of Product Differentiation
  K. Ravi Kumar and Mark A. Satterthwaite, December 1982.
543 The Linear Model With Stochastic Regressors and Heteroscedastic Dependent Errors
  Ian Domowitz, Revised December 1982.
542 An Elasticity Can Be Estimated Consistently Without a Priori Knowledge of Functional Form
  Ibrahim El Badawi, A. Ronald Gallant, and Geraldo Souza, Revised November 1982.
541 A Note on Competitive Foresight and Optimum Product Diversity
  Larry E. Jones, November 1982.
540 Qualitative Choice and the Blending of Discrete Alternatives
  Alex Anas and Leon N. Moses, August 1982.
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