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Papers 1 - 399

399 Equilibrium Limit Pricing Doesn't Limit Entry
  Paul Milgrom and John Roberts, October 1979, Revised January 1980.
398 Theoretical Implications of the Permanent Income Hypothesis
  Truman Bewley, September 1979.
397 Locating Centers on a Tree with Discontinuous Supply and Demand Regions
  Arie Tamir and Eitan Zemel, August 1979, revised April 1980.
396 Technical Note to 'Strategy-Proof Allocation Mechanisms'
  Mark A. Satterthwaite and Hugo Sonnenschein, August 1979.
395 Strategy-Proof Allocation Mechanisms
  Mark A. Satterthwaite and Hugo Sonnenschein, August 1, 1979.
394 The Dynamics of Supply: Retrospect and Prospect
  Marc Nerlove, July 31, 1979.
393 An Axiomatic Characterization of Common Knowledge
  Paul Milgrom, August 1979, Revised November 1979.
392 An Algorithm for Computing Equilibria in a Linear Monetary Economy
  Roger Myerson, August 1979.
391 A Data Base for Operations Research Models
  E. Stohr and M. Tanniru, July 1979.
390 Inflation and Growth in the Long-Run: A Critical Note on Models Of Karni and Mundell
  William D. Robinson, June 1979.
389 Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Choice-Based Samples
  Stephen R. Cosslett, June 1979.
388 Competitive Market Allocation Mechanisms and Ex-Ante Optimality
  Elizabeth Hoffman, June 1979.
387 Deviations from Optimal Pricing of Lower Colorado River Water
  Elizabeth Hoffman, December 1978.
386 A Theoretical Approach to the Decision to Stop Deliberating Over Legislative Alternatives
  Elizabeth Hoffman and Edward W. Packel, May 1979.
385 The Investment Banking Contract for New Issues Under Asymmetric Information: Delegation and Incentive Problem
  David Baron and Bengt Holmstrom, June 1979.
384 The Matching Process as a Non-Cooperative / Bargaining Game
  Dale T. Mortensen, May 1979.
383 The Optimum Quantity of Money
  Truman Bewley, revised June 1979.
382 Female Labor Supply Behavior Over the Life Cycle: An Econometric Study
  Evelyn Lehrer and Marc Nerlove, May 1979.
381 A Dynamic Microeconomic Model with Durable Goods and Adaptive Expectations
  Roger B. Myerson, April 1979, revised August l979, revised November 1983.
380 Search, Layoffs, and Labor Market Equilibrium
  Ken Burdett and Dale T. Mortensen, Revised September 1979.
379 An O(n log2 n) Algorithm for the Kth Longest Path in a Tree with Applications to Location Problems
  N. Megiddo, A Tamir, E. Zemel, and R. Chandrasekaran, April 1979, revised March 1980.
378 Worker Heterogeneity, Hours Restrictions, and Temporary Layoffs
  M. Loewenstein, April 1979.
377 Information, Trade, and Common Knowledge
  Paul Milgrom and Nancy L. Stokey, Revised October 1980.
376 Do Bequests Offset Social Security?
  Nancy L. Stokey, April 1979.
375 Prudence Versus Sophistication in Voting Strategy
  Herve Moulin, March 1979.
374 Information, Incentives, and Growth Under Uncertainty
  Nancy Stokey, March 1979.
373 On Repeated Games with Incomplete Information Played by Non-Bayesian Players
  Nimrod Megiddo, March 1979.
372 The Geometry of Preference Aggregation and Domain Restrictions
  Jean-Marie Blin and Ram. T.S. Ramakrishnan, March 1979.
371 Child Spacing and Numbers: An Empirical Analysis
  Marc Nerlove and Assaf Razin, January 1979.
370 A Critique of Tiebout's Theory of Local Public Expenditures
  Truman F. Bewley, revised April 1980.
369 New Evidence that Fully Anticipated Monetary Changes Influence Real Output After All
  Robert J. Gordon, April 1979.
368 On the Scope of Stockholder Unanimity Theorems
  Mark A. Satterthwaite, February 1979.
367 An O((n log p)2) Algorithm for the Continuous P-Center Problem on a Tree
  R. Chandrasekaran and A. Tamir, February 1979.
366 Semisimple Games and Generalized Power Indices
  Edward Packel, February 1979.
365 A Unification and Generalization of the Eaves and Kojima Fixed Point Representations of the Complementarity Problem
  Shu-Cherng Fang and Elmor L. Peterson, February 1979.
364 A Bidding Model of Price Formation Under Uncertainty
  Paul Milgrom, December 1978.
363 Conference Structures and Fair Allocation Rules
  Roger B. Myerson, November 1978, Revised May 1980.
362 Optimal Auction Design
  Roger B. Myerson, December 1978, revised September 1979.
361 Path Independent Choices
  Ehud Kalai and Nimrod Megiddo, December 1978.
360 Pursuing Mobile Hiders in a Graph
  Nimrod Megiddo and S. L. Hakimi, December 1978.
359 Price Regulation, Quality, and Asymmetric Information
  David P. Baron, December 1978, revised July 1979.
358 Polynomially Bounded Algorithms for Locating p-Centres on a Tree
  R. Chandrasekaran and A. Tamir, December 1978.
357 Location on Tree Networks: P-Centre and n-Dispersion Problems
  R. Chandrasekaran and A. Daughety, December 1978, revised October l979.
356 Stochastic Production and Cost / Production Duality
  Andrew Daughety, November 1978, revised October 1980.
355 Expectations and Equilibrium with Incomplete Markets
  David Easley and Peter McCabe, September 1978.
354 Stochastic Equilibrium and Optimality with Rolling Plans
  Daniel F. Spulber and David Easley, revised March 1979.
353 Optimal Policies and Steady-State Solutions for Inventory Problems with Markovian Uncertainty
  David Easley and Daniel F. Spulber, June 1978, revised January 1979.
352 Impossibility Results in the Axiomatic Theory of Intertemporal Choice
  Edward Packel, October 1978, revised December 1978.
351 Consumer Information, Equilibrium Industry Price, and the Number of Sellers: A Topic in Monopolistic Competition Theory
  Mark A. Satterthwaite, October 1978.
350 A Structure for Computer-Aided Corporate Planning
  Jean-Marie Blin, Edward A. Stohr and Mohan Tanniru, September 1978.
349 Approximate Convexity of Average Sums of Sets in Normed Linear Spaces
  M. Ali Khan, September 1978.
348 A Mathematical Programming Generator System in APL
  Edward A. Stohr, revised June 1979.
347 A Dynamic Process of Exchange
  Stanley Reiter, September 1978.
346 A Model of Technology with Innovation
  Stanley Reiter, September 1978.
345 Decomposition and Recoverability of Relations
  Nancy D. Griffeth November 1978.
344 Transformations Between Relational Databases
  Nancy D. Griffeth, October 1978.
343 Investment Policy, Optimality, and the Mean-Variance Model
  David P. Baron, September 1978.
342 The Design of a Corporate Planning System Simulator
  Edward A. Stohr and Mohan Tanniru, August 1978.
341 Characterization of the Private Alternative Domains Admitting Arrow Social Welfare Functions
  Ehud Kalai and Zvi Ritz, August 1978, Revised January 1979.
340 On The Design of Automatic Price Adjustment Mechanisms
  David P. Baron and Raymond R. De Bondt, August 1978, Revised February 1979.
339 Prices and Market Imbalance Indexes in a General Equilibrium Model
  Roger B. Myerson, August 1978.
338 An Axiomatic Derivation of Subjective Probability, Utility, and Evaluation Functions
  Roger B. Myerson, August 1978.
337 The Number of Outcomes in the Pareto-Optimal Set of Discrete Bargaining Games
  Barry O'Neill, August 1978.
336 The Allocation of Public Goods with Sealed-Bid Auctions: Some Preliminary Evaluations
  John O. Ledyard, September 1978.
335 A Simple Model of Equilibrium Price Dispersion
  Jennifer F. Reinganum, August 1978.
334 On Cyclical Motion in Dynamic Economics
  Michael J. P. Magill, July 1978.
333 The Deadly Fungus: An Econometric Investigation into the Short Term Demographic Impact of the Irish Famine, 1846-1851
  Joel Mokyr, July 1978.
332 A Property of Matrices with Positive Determinants
  M. Kojima and R. Saigal, June 1978.
331 On the Design of Optimal Mechanisms for the Arrow-Hahn-McKenzie Economy
  C. Robinson and G.L. Suchanek, May 5, 1978.
330 Monetarist Interpretations of the Great Depression: A Rejoinder
  Robert J. Gordon and James A. Wilcox, November 30, 1978.
329 A Group Incentive Compatible Mechanism Yielding Core Allocation
  Ehud Kalai, Andrew Postlewaite and John Roberts, May 1978.
328 On the Relationship Between Conditions that Insure a PL Mapping is a Homeomorphism
  M. Kojima and R. Saigal, May 1978.
327 A Study of PC1 Homeomorphisms on Subdivided Polyhedrons
  M. Kojima and R. Saigal, April 1978.
326 On the Number of Solutions for a Class of Linear Complementarity Problems
  M. Kojima and R. Saigal, April 1978.
325 An Extended Single Peak Condition in Social Choice
  Ehud Kalai and Zvi Ritz, May 1978.
324 Dynamics Under Uncertainty
  William A. Brock and Michael J. P. Magill, June 1978.
323 Measuring the Quality of Approximate Solutions to Zero-One Programming Problems
  Eitan Zemel, April 1978, Revised June 1978 and August 1979.
322 On The Theory of Layoffs
  Dale T. Mortensen, March 1978.
321 Linearity, Concavity, and Scale Invariance in Social Choice Functions
  Roger B. Myerson, March 1978.
320 Specific Capital, Bargaining, and Labor Turnover
  Dale T. Mortensen, March 1978.
319 The Relationship Between Attributes, Brand Preference and Choice: A Stochastic View
  Jean-Marie Blin and Joe A. Dodson Jr., Revised February 1978.
318 Stability of Aggregation Procedures, Ultrafilters and Simple Games
  Pierre Batteau, Jean-Marie Blin and Bernard Monjardet, January 1978.
317 Optimal Consumption and Exploration of Nonrenewable Resources Under Uncertainty
  S. D. Deshmukh and Stanley R. Pliska, March 1978.
316 Optimal Search Over Sets of Distributions
  Daniel F. Spulber, November 1977.
315 Regulatory Pricing Policies and Input Choices Under Uncertainty
  David P. Baron and Robert Taggart Jr., February 1978.
314 Studying Economic Equilibria on Affine Networks Via Lemke's Algorithm
  Richard Asmuth, B. Curtis Eaves, and Elmor L. Peterson, January 1978.
313 Nonprocedural Query Processing for Databases with Access Paths
  Nancy Griffeth, December 1977.
312 The Protective Effect of a Tariff Under Uncertainty
  Elhanan Helpman and Assaf Razin, January 1978.
311 On Piecewise Linear Approximations to Smooth Mappings
  R. Saigal, November 1977.
310 A Methodology for Automated Systems Design
  Edward A. Stohr, January 1978.
309 A 'Trade Out of Equilibrium' Model of the Stock Market, I: Traditional Behavior
  Lawrence R. Glosten, January 1978.
308 The Fixed Point Approach to Nonlinear Programming
  Romesh Saigal, December 1977.
307 A Note on Aggregation and Disaggregation
  Walter D. Fisher, November 1977.
306 The Stability of Equilibrium
  Michael J.P. Magill, November l977.
305 Oligopoly and Competition in Large Markets
  Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara, Andrew Postlewaite and Donald J. Roberts, October 1977.
304 Development of a Corporate Information System
  J.M. Blin, Edward A. Stohr, and Mohan Tanniru, September 1977.
303 Nash-Cournot Equilibrium With Entry
  William Novshek, August 1977.
302 A Game of Barter with Barriers to Trade
  Ehud Kalai, Andrew Postlewaite, and Donald J. Roberts, September 1977.
301 Input-Output Methods in Forecasting
  J.M. Blin, E.A. Stohr and B. Bagamery, May 1978.
300 A Survey of the Applications of the Operator Theory of Parametric Programming for the Transportation and Generalized Transportation Problems
  V. Balachandran ,V. Srinivasan, and G.L. Thompson, September 1977.
299 Overhead Allocation Via Mathematical Programming
  V. Balachandran and David A. Dittman, September 1977.
298 A Mathematical-Programming Model for Optimal Selection of Tourism Plans and Gateways for the Airline Industry
  V. Balachandran and Suresh Jain, August 1977.
297 Labor Supply Under Uncertainty
  Kenneth Burdett and Dale T. Mortensen, August 1977.
296 The Origin of Cycling in Dynamic Economic Models Arising from Maximizing Behavior
  Michael J. P. Magill, August 1977.
295 Refinements of the Nash Equilibrium Concept
  Roger B. Myerson, August 1977.
294 The Effect of Increased Supply on Equilibrium Price : A Theory for the Strange Case of Physicians' Services
  Mark A. Satterthwaite, August 1977, Revised November 1977.
293 On Stockholder Unanimity Towards Changes in Production Plans
  Mark A. Satterthwaite, August 1977.
292 P.A.R.I.S. - An Interactive Market Research Information System
  Steven Shugan and John R. Hauser, revised June 1977.
291 Intensity Measures of Consumer Preferences
  John R. Hauser and Steven Shugan, Revised December 1978.
290 Multiple Working Bases for Generalized and Variable Upper Bounding Linear Programs
  Amorosu Agbadudu and Bala V. Balachandran, July 1977.
289 Specific Human Capital and Labor Turnover
  Dale T. Mortensen, June 1977.
288 Threat Equilibria and Fair Settlements in Cooperative Games
  Roger B. Myerson, July 1977.
287 Consumer Preference Axioms: Behavioral Postulates for Describing and Predicting Stochastic Choice
  John R. Hauser, July 1977.
286 Testing the Accuracy, Usefulness, and Significance of Probabilistic Choice Models: An Information Theoretic Approach
  John R. Hauser, July 1977.
285 Efficient Measurement of Consumer Preference Functions: A General Theory for Intensity of Preference
  John R. Hauser and Steven M. Shugan, July 14, 1977.
284 Incentive Compatability and the Bargaining Problem
  Roger B. Myerson, July 1977.
283 Competitive Efficiency in an Overlapping-Generation Model with Endogenous Population
  Elisha A. Pazner and Assaf Razin, June 1977.
282 Research, Development and Technological Change in a Growing Economy
  Daniel Spulber, June 4, 1977, Revised August 1978.
281 A Note on Monopoly Power in the Supply of a Natural Resource
  Elhanan Helpman and Assaf Razin, May 1977.
280 A Simple Game of Exchange
  Ehud Kalai and Donald J. Roberts, April 1977.
279 Strategic Behaviour in Planning Procedures with Private Goods
  Francoise Schoumaker, Revised September 1977.
278 A Short Note on a Linear Equation Associated With Certain Economic Response Systems
  R. Chandrasekaran and A. Daughety, April 1977.
277 A Time Series Approach to the Computation of Efficient Portfolios from Historic Data
  Edward Stohr, March 1977.
276 Towards a Consistent Comparison Between Alternative Exchange Rate Systems
  Elhanan Helpman and Assaf Razin, February 1977.
275 The Design of Mechanisms for Efficient Allocation of Public Goods
  William A. Brock, February 1977.
274 Applications of Recent Results on the Asymptotic Stability of Optimal Control to the Problem of Comparing Long Run Equilibria
  W. A. Brock, February 1977.
273 The Duality Between Suboptimization and Parameter Deletion
  Elmor L. Peterson, February 22, 1977.
272 Linear Functionals of Convex Sets with Applications to Economics, Game-Theory, and Social Choice
  Ehud Kalai and Roger B. Myerson, February 1977.
271 Unemployment Insurance and Labor Supply Decisions
  Dale T. Mortensen, February 1977.
270 Geometric Duality Via Rockafellar Duality
  Elmor L. Peterson, March 17, 1977.
269 A Class of Conjugate Gradient Algorithms with a Two-Step Variable Metric Memory
  Avinoam Perry, January 1977.
268 Optimal Pricing of Computer Resources in a Competitive Environment
  V. Balachandran and Edward A. Stohr, September 1978.
267 Values of Games Without Sidepayments
  Ehud Kalai and Roger B. Myerson, January 1977.
266 Apportionment Methods and the House of Representatives
  Donald G. Saari, January 1977.
265 A Mathematical Programming Model for Optimal Product Line Structuring
  Steven M. Shugan and V. Balachandran, March 29, 1977.
264 Incentives in Planning Procedures for the Provision of Public Goods
  Donald J. Roberts, January 6, 1977.
263 Ordinary Duality Vis-a-Vis Geometric Duality
  Elmor L. Peterson, December 1976.
262 Best Replay Strategies in the Champsaur-Dreze-Henry Procedure
  Francoise Schoumaker, December 1976.
261 Efficient Acceleration Techniques for Fixed Point Algorithms
  R. Saigal and M. J. Todd, December 1976.
260 The Incentive for Creation of Complete Securities Markets
  Mark A. Satterthwaite, October 11, 1976.
259 Effective Price Mechanisms
  Donald G. Saari and Carl P. Simon, November 1976.
258 The Spatial Configuration Which Minimizes the Length of the Black-White Border
  Glenn C. Loury, November 1976.
257 Scalar and Vector Maximization: Calculus Techniques with Economics Applications
  Carl P. Simon, November 1976.
256 Market Structure and Innovation
  Glenn C. Loury, November 1976.
255 The Optimal Exploitation of an Unknown Reserve
  Glenn C. Loury, Revised August 1977.
254 Fixed Point Computing Methods
  Romesh Saigal, November 1976.
253 Straightforward Allocation Mechanisms
  Mark A. Satterthwaite, October 11, 1976.
252 Fenchel's Duality Therem in Generalized Geometric Programming
  Elmor L. Peterson, October 1976.
251 Structural Unemployment and the Productivity of Women
  Robert J. Gordon, Revised September 1976.
250 The Theory of Domestic Inflation
  Robert J. Gordon, October 1976.
249 Externalities, Public Goods and the Generic Structure of Pareto Sets
  Donald G. Saari, October 7, 1976.
248 A Technical Note on Cartel Stability in Large Economies
  Andrew Postlewaite and Donald J. Roberts, September 1976.
247 Two-Person Bargaining Problems and Comparable Utility
  Roger B. Myerson, September 1976.
246 Graphs and Cooperation in Games
  Roger B. Myerson, September 1976.
245 An Extension of the Kakutani Fixed Point Therorem
  Roger B. Myerson, September 1976.
244 Value of Games in Partition Function Form
  Roger B. Myerson, September 1976.
243 Information Systems for Observing Inventory Levels
  Edward A. Stohr, September 1976.
242 On Group Manipulability of Voting Procedures
  Pierre Batteau and Jean-Marie Blin, September 1976.
241 On the Relationship Between Complete and Incomplete Financial Markets Models
  David Baron, Revised August 1977.
240 Stone's Conjecture on Fair-Return Processes: Counter Example and Rectification
  Prem Prakash, April 12, 1976
239 Saddle Points and Duality in Generalized Geometric Programming
  Elmor L. Peterson, August 1976.
238 The Qualitative Implications of a Simple Model of Optimal Human Capital Formation
  Peter McCabe, August 1976.
237 Assignment Models in Voting Theory
  Jean-Marie Blin, September 1976.
236 Social Welfare Functions When Preferences are Convex and Continuous: Impossibility Results
  Ehud Kalai, Eitan Muller, and Mark Satterthwaite, Revised August l976.
235 A General Class of Symmetric Quasi-Newton Updates
  Avinoam Perry, August 1976.
234 Characterization of Domains Admitting Nondictatorial Social Welfare Functions and Nonmanipulable Voting Procedures
  Ehud Kalai and Eitan Muller, April 1977.
233 The Optimal Resource-Capital Ratio and Market Structure
  Morton I. Kamien and Nancy L. Schwartz, August 1976.
232 An Integrated System for Interactive Nonlinear Programming Computations
  Claude Cohen and Barry Robinson, August 1976.
231 Dissemination and Maintenance of Mathematical Programming Software: Experience With M.P.O.S.
  Claude Cohen and Jack Stein, August 1976.
230 A Zero-Sum Stochastic Game Model of Duopoly
  S.D. Deshmukh and Wayne Winston, July 1976.
229 A Modified Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
  Avinoam Perry, March 1976, Revised June 1976.
228 A Self Correcting Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
  Avinoam Perry, July 1976.
227 The Incentives for Price-Taking Behavior When Consumers Have Incomplete Information
  John Ledyard, July 1976.
226 Intergenerational Transfers and the Equilibrium Distribution of Earnings
  Glenn C. Loury, June 1976.
225 A Dynamic Theory of Racial Income Differences
  Glenn C. Loury, June 1976.
224 Social Decision, Strategic Behavior and Best Outcomes: An Impossibility Result
  Allan Gibbard, June 1976.
223 Self-Financing of an R & D Project
  Morton I. Kamien and Nancy L. Schwartz, June 1, 1976.
222 On The Desirability of Equalizing Welfare and Potential Income
  Elisha A. Pazner, May 1976.
221 Optimality Conditions in Generalized Geometric Programming
  Elmor L. Peterson, May 20, 1976.
220 The Constrained Least-Squares Paradox
  Avinoam Perry, May 1976.
219 Some Limitations of Demand Revealing Processes
  Theodore Groves and John O. Ledyard, May 1976.
218 Optimal Sampling and the Right-Hand-Side of A Linear Program: Sensitivity Analysis Revisited
  Andrew F. Daughety, March 1976.
217 A Unified Approach to R & D Management
  S.D. Deshmukh and S.D. Chikte, April 1976.
216 Existence and Optimality of Equilibrium in Labor-Managed Economies
  Joseph Greenberg, April 1976.
215 Arbitration of Two-Party Disputes Under Ignorance
  Ehud Kalai and Robert W. Rosenthal, April 1976.
214 Optimal Control of Some Markov Processes with Applications to Batch Queuing and Continuous Review Inventory Systems
  Howard J. Weiss and Stanley R. Pliska, April 1976.
213 Optimal Exhaustible Resource Depletion with Endogenous Technical Change
  Morton I. Kamien and Nancy L. Schwartz, September 1975, Revised March 1976.
212 On Preferences, Beliefs and Manipulation Within Voting Situations
  Jean-Marie Blin and Mark A. Satterthwaite, March 8, 1976.
211 Environmental Management in General Equilibrium: A New Incentive Compatible Approach
  Rudiger Pethig, March 1976.
210b Optimal Tax Schemes for Financing Local Public Goods
  Joseph Greenberg, April 1976.
210a Quasi Equilibrium In Abstract Economies Without Ordered Preferences
  Joseph Greenberg, April 1976.
209 A Multiple Criteria Response Surface Optimization Procedure
  Avinoam Perry, March 1976.
208 Equilibrium In An Economy With Changeable Preferences
  Bengt-Arne Wickstrom, March 1976.
207 The Conical Duality and Complementarity of Price and Quality for Multicommodity Spatial and Temporal Network Allocation Problems
  Elmor L. Peterson, March 1976.
206 Duality in Unconstrained Optimization
  Avinoam Perry, March 1976.
205 Stochastic Control of Competition Through Prices
  S.D. Deshmukh and Wayne Winston, Revised May 1977.
204 A Model of Regulation Under Uncertainty and a Test of Regulatory Bias
  David P. Baron and Robert A. Taggart Jr., March 1976.
203 Straightforwardness of Game Forms with Lotteries as Outcomes
  Allan Gibbard, February 1976.
202 Aggregation Procedure for Cardinal Preferences: A Formulation and Proof of Samuelson's Conjecture that Arrow's Impossibility Theorem Carries Over to Cardinal Preferences
  Ehud Kalai and David Schmeidler, February 1976.
201 The Demand for and Supply of Inflation
  Robert J. Gordon, February 25, 1976.
200 The Global Asymptotic Stability of Optimal Control: A Survey of Recent Results
  William A. Brock, February 25, 1976.
199 Recent Developments in the Theory of Inflation and Unemployment
  Robert J. Gordon, Revised December 1975.
198 Dynamic Investment Strategies for a Risky R&D Project
  S.D. Deshmukh and S.D. Chikte, February 1976.
197 Stochastic Evolution and Control of an Economic Activity
  S.D. Deshmukh and S.D. Chikte, February 1976.
196 On Expected Present Value Vs. Expected Future Value: Further Remarks
  Elisha A. Pazner and Assaf Razin, January 30, l976.
195 An Impossibility Theorem for Voting With a Different Interpretation
  Eitan Muller and Mark Satterthwaite, January 26, 1976.
194 Counterfactuals and Two Kinds of Expected Utility
  Allan Gibbard and William L Harper, January 1976.
193 The Manipulation of Social Choice Mechanisms That Do Not Leave 'Too Much' to Chance
  Salvador Barbera, January 1976.
192 Conversion of Semimarkov Processes to Chung Processes
  Erhan Cinlar December 1975.
191 An Admissible Set Occurring in Various Bargaining Situations
  E. Kalai and D. Schmeidler, December 1975.
190 Equity Foundations of Welfare Economics
  Elisha A. Pazner, December 1975.
189 A Modified Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization
  Avinoam Perry, December 31, l975.
188 Strategy-Proofness and Single-Peakedness
  Jean-Marie Blin and Mark Satterthwaite, December 21, 1975.
187 A Note on the Core of a Game Without Side-Payments
  Tatsuro Ichiishi, December 1975.
186 On Strict Regeneration
  Erhan Cinlar, August 1975.
185 Asymptotic Efficiency of Bechhofer's Single-Stage Procedure Relative to a Two- Stage Procedure for Selecting the Largest Normal Mean
  Ajit Tamhane, November 25, 1975.
184 Coase's Theorem and the Choice of Liability Rules
  Shmuel Amir and Joseph Greenberg, November 14, 1975.
183 Individual Decisions and Group Decisions: The Fundamental Differences
  Jean-Marie Blin and Mark A. Satterthwaite, November 11, 1975.
182 Models of New Product Diffusion Through Advertising and Word-of-Mouth
  Joe A. Dodson Jr., and Eitan Muller, Revised April 1976.
181 Pitfalls in the Theory of Fairness
  Elisha A. Pazner, October 1975.
180 Singularity Theory of Utility Mappings I: Degenerate Maxima and Pareto Optima
  Donald G. Saari and Carl P. Simon, November 1976.
179 Proportional Solutions to Bargaining Situations: Interpersonal Utility Comparisons
  Ehud Kalai, March 1977.
178 Induced Outcomes in Cooperative Normal-Form Games
  Robert W. Rosenthal, November 1975.
177 Choice and Selection in Income Contingent Loan Plans
  Suresh Jain, October 1975.
176 Optimal Control of Service Quality in a Queueing System
  S.D. Deshmukh and Suresh Jain, October 14, 1975.
175 Manipulation of Schemes that Mix Voting with Chance
  Allan Gibbard, January 1976.
174 Egalitarian Equivalent Allocations: A New Concept of Economic Equity
  Elisha A. Pazner and David Schmeidler, October 20, 1975.
173 The Formation of Firms in Labor-Managed Economies
  J. Greenberg, October 1975.
172 Towards the General Equilibrium Theory of the Labor-Managed Market Economy
  Tatsuro Ichiishi, October 8, 1975.
171 An Interactive Package of Programs for Unconstrained Optimization Purposes UCNLP
  Avinoam Perry, September 26, 1975.
170 Construction of a Continuous Utility Function for a Class of Preferences
  Kenneth R. Mount and Stanley Reiter, September 20, 1975.
169 On the Foundations of the Theory of Monopolistic Competition
  Donald J. Roberts and Hugo Sonnenschein, Revised January 1976.
168 On the Informational Size of Message Spaces
  Mark Walker, August 1975.
167 Some Recent Results on the Existence of Equilibrium in Finite Purely Competitive Economies
  Hugo Sonnenschein, August 1975.
166 Incentive Compatible Control of Decentralized Organizations
  Theodore Groves, August 1975.
165 The Complementary Unboundedness of Dual Feasible Solution Sets in Convex Programming
  Elmor L. Peterson, August 1975.
164 A Mathematical Programming Approach to the Scheduling of Sorting Operations
  Frederic H. Murphy and Edward A. Stohr, Revised March 1977.
163 Technological Similarity and Aggregation in Input-Ouput Systems: A Cluster- Analytic Approach
  Jean-Marie Blin and Claude Cohen, Revised March 1976.
162 On the Number of Solutions to the Linear Complementarity Problem
  Arie Tamir, Revised July 1975.
161 Capital Structure and the Value of the Firm
  Frederic H. Murphy, Aharon R. Ofer, and Mark A. Satterthwaite, July 1975.
160 A Theorem on Correspondences and Some Applications
  Mark Walker, July 1975.
159 Optimal Stochastic Development Strategy
  S.D. Deshmukh and S.D.Chikte, July 1975.
158 A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Check Sorting
  Frederic H. Murphy and Edward Stohr, Revised December 1976.
157 On Totally Unimodular Matrices
  Arie Tamir, Revised June 1975.
156 Market Games with Production and Public Commodities
  Robert W. Rosenthal, revised January 1976.
155 Cheatproofness Properties of the Plurality Rule in Large Societies
  Elisha A. Pazner and Eugene Wesley, June 1975.
154 Stability of Social Choices in Infinitely Large Societies
  Elisha A. Pazner and Eugene Wesley, June 1975.
153 On a Fundamental Result in Stochastic Dominance Theory
  Arie Tamir, revised June 1975.
152 Fenchel's Hypothesis and the Existence of Recession Directions in Convex Programming
  Elmor L Peterson, June 2, 1975.
151 The Global Asymptotic Stability of Optimal Control with Applications to Dynamic Economic Theory
  William A. Brock and Jose Scheinkman, Revised May 1975.
150 Some Results on Global Asymptotic Stability of Control Systems
  William A. Brock and Jose Scheinkman, Revised April 1975.
149 Optimal Facility Location under Random Demand with General Cost Structure
  V. Balachandran and Suresh Jain, June 5, 1975.
148 Measure Structures for Function Spaces
  Eugene Wesley, May 1975.
147 Financial Planning in a Multinational Firm Facing Flexible Exchange Rates
  David P. Baron and Richard M. Soland, May 1975.
146 Entrance-Exit Distributions for Semiregenerative Processes
  Erhan Cinlar, May 1975.
145 Equilibrium with Externalities, Commodity Taxation, and Lump Sum Transfers
  Wayne Shafer and Hugo Sonnenschein, Revised January 1976.
144 Optimal Allocation of Public Goods: A Solution to the 'Free Rider Problem'
  Theodore Groves and John Ledyard, Revised March 1976.
143 Rates of Convergence of a One-Dimensional Search Based on Interpolating Polynomials
  Arie Tamir, May 1975.
142 Qualitative Variables and Simultaneous Equation Econometric Models
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