Security Market Auctions and IPOs


November 2-3, 2013

James Allen Center

Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University


Alexander Gorbenko (London Business School)


Sudip Gupta (New York University)


Ali Hortaçsu (University of Chicago)


Jakub Kastl (Stanford University)


Jonathan Levin (Stanford University)


Paul Milgrom (Stanford University)


Salvatore Nunnari (University of California, San Diego)


Phillip Reiss (Maastricht University)


Jay Ritter (University of Florida)


Ann Sherman (DePaul University)


The image is a snippet of 'The Crusaders Storming Constantinople' by Jacopo Negretti, which hangs in the Doge's Palace, Venice. It is inspired by the second siege of Constantinople in 1204. The first siege, a year earlier, allowed the Venitians to place one of their proxies, Alexios Angelos, at the head of the Byzantine empire. Angelos failed to secure  the city and the Venetians impatient for the tax revenues that Angelos had promised took matters into their hands and besieged the city a second time. This event is also called the fourth Crusade. Many of the treasures that now grace Venice were plunder from the second siege.


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