Fifth Transatlantic Theory Workshop

September 7-9, 2012


Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University


Manuel Mueller-Frank (University of Oxford)

Olivier Compte (Paris School of Economics)

Bernard Cornet (Paris School of Economic and University of Kansas)

Peter Eso (University of Oxford)

Pierre Fleckinger (Paris School of Economics)

Alexander Frankel (University of Chicago)

David Gill (University of Oxford)

Gaël Giraud (Paris School of Economics)

Olivier Gossner (Paris School of Economics)

Jeanne Hagenbach (CNRS - École Polytechnique)

Yuval Heller (University of Oxford)

Tai-Wei Hu (Northwestern University)

Nicolas Jacquemet (Paris School of Economics

Laurent Lamy (Paris School of Economics)

Tom Norman (University of Oxford)

Luciano Pomatto (Northwestern University)

Yuval Salant (Northwestern University)

Marciano Siniscalchi (Northwestern University)

Olivier Tercieux (Paris School of Economics)

Jonathan Lewis Weinstein (Northwestern University)

The picture above is a portion of Veronese's "Wedding Feast at Cana" which can be found hanging in the Louvre. It is inspired by a New Testament story of a wedding feast at which Jesus is a guest. When the hosts run out of wine, Jesus commands the servants to fill the jugs with water which he turns to wine. The full painting contains over 130 figures, some depicting Mary I of England and Suleiman the Magnificent. In those days, artists were often paid by the number of figures they included.


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