Eighth Transatlantic Theory Workshop

Thursday, September 3rd -
Friday, September 4th, 2015


Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University

Dear participant: please use this form to indicate the title of your paper and whether you need accommodation

The workshop will run all day Thursday and Friday (September 3 and 4). Paper titles will be posted to this page as we receive them through the form above. The schedule will be posted in a few weeks.

A Google Doc Folder has been created to hold the papers. Please upload your papers directly as they become available. As the workshop approaches, please also use this drive to upload your presentation slides. You can find the Google Drive here.


Nabil Al-Najjar (Northwestern University) - "This Time is Different."

Catherine Bobtcheff (Toulouse School of Economics) - "Researcher's Dilemma," (with Jérôme Bolte and Thomas Mariotti)

Steve Durlauf (University of Wisconsin) - "Identification of Genetic Effects Using Economic Theory I; Kinship Studies."

Georgy Egorov (Northwestern University) - "Single-issue Campaigns and Multidimensional Politics."

Olivier Gossner (École Polytechnique) - "An Instrumental Approach to the Value of Information," (with Michel de Lara).

Guillaume Hollard (École Polytechnique) - "Gender Differences: Evidence from Field Tournament."

Hugo Hoppenhayn (UCLA)

Sam Jindani (University of Oxford) - "Learning Repeated-game Strategies."

Emir Kamenica (University of Chicago) - "Information Environments and the Impact of Competition on Information Provision."

Roger Myerson (University of Chicago) - "Local Agency Costs of Political Centralization."

Tom Norman (University of Oxford) - "Forgive or Don't Forget."

Wojciech Olszewski (Northwestern University) - "Effort-maximizing Contests," (with Ron Siegel).

Eduardo Perez (École Polytechnique) - "Altruism in Networks," (with Renaud Bourlés and Yann Bramoulle).

Pierre Picard (École Polytechnique) - "Optimal Insurance for Catastrophic Risk: Theory and Application to Nuclear Corporate Liability," (with Alexis Louaas).

Phil Reny (University of Chicago) - "Sequential Equilibria of Multistage Games with Infinite Sets of Actions and Types," (with Roger Myserson).

Marciano Siniscalchi (Northwestern University) - "Sequential Preferences and Sequential Rationality."

Andre Veiga (University of Oxford)

Ansgar Walther (University of Oxford) - "Rules Versus Discretion in Bank Resolution," (with Lucy White)

Program (TBD)
Local Arrangements
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Travel and Accommodation

Information on getting to Kellogg and transportation. If you will need accommodation, please indicate this on the form located on the top of the page.


Nabil Al-Najjar (Northwestern)

Olivier Gossner (École Polytechnique)

Peyton Young (Oxford)



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