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Experiential Learning

2014 Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital Sponsor Reception, for sponsors and students of Private Equity Lab and Venture Lab. Photo @ Eddie Quinones 

Mastering the intuition and logic of business and learning the fundamentals of the industry are essential, but not sufficient, for success in this field. It is Kellogg's philosophy that we expect you to take the concepts we have taught you in class and be able to apply them in practice. This is rarely easy. If it was, it wouldn't have great value. To create a laboratory for our students to apply their knowledge to the PE/VC industry and learn in the process, we have created two laboratory courses. In both cases, students are placed with a sponsoring firm for the quarter. The students are expected to complete a mutually agreed upon project which will give the student new insight into the industry, develop the skills necessary to succeed, and produce a product of value for the sponsor. We celebrate the end of the school year with a Sponsor's Dinner including the sponsors and student participants from the most recent year.

Private Equity Lab (FINC 639)
Professor: David Stowell
Participants will be exposed to the day-to-day working life of the private equity fund, and will assist with deal selection, due diligence, fund raising, industry research, and/or portfolio company management.  More information, including expectations and an application for students and expectations and responsibilities for sponsors is available here.

Venture Lab (FINC 615)
Professor: David Stowell
At venture funds and incubators, participants will engage in market research, due diligence, assisting with fundraising documents and sourcing deal flow. Work at incubators typically involves assisting with incubated startups or helping to develop a startup idea for incubation.  More information, including expectations and an application for students, and expectations and responsibilities for sponsors, is available here.  

Remote Firm Options: The Venture and Private Equity Labs both offer sponsoring firms that are in the Chicago area, as well as at remote locations. In addition to full-time students, PTMBA students and others can participate as long as 15-20 hours per week can be committed to working with the sponsor.