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Resources for Research
Kellogg students can access subscription databases and other resources through the CMC Library's research guides for Private Equity and Venture Capital. Particular resources of interest are Preqin and CB Insights, which are also available via the CMC Library's A-Z Databases list.

Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital PE/VC Database
The Center maintains a contact database of private equity and venture capital professionals who are either alumni of Kellogg or non-alumni who have been involved and helpful to Kellogg’s program in the past. The purpose of the database is to coordinate Kellogg’s outreach effort to members of the PE/VC industry. Our contact with PE/VC professionals and alumni are more productive and more warmly received the more we know about past interactions. The database is meant to provide this knowledge base and simplify our lives. For more information or if your contact information changes, please contact us

Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital Funding Request Form
There may be Heizer funds available to students for purposes related to PE/VC events, for example . If you are interested, please contact heizer@kellogg.northwestern.edu prior to the event. If approved, you will need to submit a brief report after the event in order to receive the funding.