Gates Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
(Seattle, Washington, USA)
Northwestern University Receives Gates Grant to Fund Design of Medical Diagnostics for Developing Countries
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World Health Imaging, Telemedicine and Informatics Alliance
(Chicago, Il, USA)
GHI has worked with WHITIA to develop business plans and to develop market research survey instruments.

WHITIA’s vision is to facilitate the deployment of thousands of diagnostic imaging systems worldwide, thus providing one billion people with access to diagnostic imaging.  WHITIA intends to fulfill this vision by providing a complete, low-cost, sustainable digital imaging solution. Although many of today’s providers can bring low-cost solutions to developing countries, most have been ineffective at creating sustainability.  As a result, less than half of the approximately 1,500 WHO-approved, installed X-ray systems are in operation today. 

WHITIA embraces the challenge of delivering diagnosis and data anywhere in the world. We believe that we are the right organization to coordinate this effort.  It is no small task, even in countries rich in imaging resources.  However, we have strong partners, steady progress and a long term focus.