GHI Announces GIM (Global Initiatives in Management) Contest Winners
The two prizes for the 2009 GHI Global Initiatives in Management Paper went to the following teams:

“Assessing the Ugandan Government’s Role in Early Infant HIV/AIDS Diagnostics” 
Authors: Dru Alejandro, Daniel Aronson, Edwindra Crocker, Ashley Noah, Michael Vondriska

“An Overview of Utilizing Immunization Sites in Uganda to perform HIV/AIDS Infant Diagnostic Testing” 
Authors: Jeff Bird, Jerry Chan, Elizabeth Fry, Laura Peck, Elizabeth Sayed

Prior year winning teams include:

Brazil: “Understanding the HIV Viral Load Test Market in Brazil”
Authors: Matt Knapstein, Waleed Elgindy, Lindsey Hein, Koji Torihara

South Africa: “Targeting HIV/AIDS in Infants: A Blueprint for Addressing the Unmet Need for Infant Diagnostics”
Authors: Ernie Chan, Denise Lee, Lisa Tan, and John Whittaker

South Africa: “Market Analysis for the Introduction of Viral Load Diagnostic Equipment to Effectively Manage HIV Treatment in Southern Africa”
Authors: Kevin Francis, Clement Kilembe, Debra Leong, Melinda Spooner, and Dawei Zhou

Tanzania: “HIV Diagnostic Device Needs and Decision Processes in Tanzania: An Integrated Perspective”
Authors: David Blanchard, Andrea Hanson, Justin Meli, Christopher Nichols, Andrew Pieper, Christopher Schrader

Tanzania: “Setting the Policy Agenda for HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Devices - An Analysis of Tanzania’s Government & Regulatory Landscape”
Authors:  Robert Albright, Suzanne Anziska, Rebecca Ingis and Nsesa Kazadi