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GHI is developing innovative solutions to global health concerns by extending the reach of new healthcare technologies. Since Winter Quarter 2005, Kellogg students have researched the challenges of development, deployment, cultural impact, political barriers and the market dynamics involved in taking technologies to market.

Every quarter, several groups of 4-6 Kellogg students tackle a problem that has been identified by faculty and student leadership. These projects provide students with hands on opportunities to apply their academic and professional experience and strengthen their socially responsible global leadership.

Students also spend time beyond the academic year researching and developing within the local context. For example 3 teams of 2008 Kellogg graduates spent the summer after graduation in parts of Africa and Cambodia exploring the feasibility of introducing a new infant HIV testing device.

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If your organization would like to become further involved with Kellogg’s GHI, please contact us. Whatever the level or area of involvement you choose, we value your partnership. Whether you represent an organization with a potentially high impact technology for a resource poor environment or a community based organization looking for a technology to help you address a pressing health need, we look forward to exploring new partnership opportunities.

For more information about our current partners, view Our Partners page.


Why is Kellogg involved?
The GHI is a great learning opportunity for students. It is a strategic fit with Kellogg’s educational mission and provides students with hands on action learning ­opportunities. Kellogg’s contributions are critical to this initiative’s success

Why is the GHI a great learning opportunity for students?
This initiative provides students with a chance to greatly impact the lives of people historically ignored by the global health system. It is an opportunity to apply classroom theories to actual business operations. Additionally, it enhances student’s knowledge about conducting business globally in emerging markets. Finally, it allows students to gain experience with running and managing a mini-corporation within a university setting

How is the GHI a strategic fit with Kellogg’s educational mission?
The initiative enhances Kellogg’s ability to develop globally aware and responsible business leaders. It increases student’s knowledge about emerging market issues and requirements for conducting business in these markets. It provides students with a vehicle for tying together classroom theory and practical experience through action learning. GHI projects have already been integrated into some courses such as Global Initiatives in Management GIM, Market Research, New Product Marketing, International Non Markets, and Health Care Management classes. The GHI continues to incorporate projects into other Kellogg courses and extra curricular activities.

How is Kellogg’s contribution critical to the initiative’s success?
The success of this project not only lies in the actual design of the product but also the way it will reach its end user. Insights and research from students at one of the world’s premier business schools will continue to impact the initiative’s strategic plan, target market and product development decisions.

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