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Agnieszka Roy Szydlowska

Agnieszka Roy SzydlowskaPre-doctoral Research Fellow at the Ford Center for Global Citizenship

Career Path and Experience
Agnieszka received her Master’s of Arts in Quantitative Methods and Information Systems from The Warsaw School of Economics in 2006. She also worked as an analyst for the National Bank of Poland from 2006 to 2008.

Research and How It Relates to the Ford Center’s Mission
In her work at the Center, Agnieszka summarizes and organizes theoretical results related to coordination phenomena that arise in various contexts, such as voting, public opinion formation, and social conventions, among others.

In her own research, Agnieszka works on designing charity auctions and fundraisers. Her goal is to determine which circumstances allow some of these to raise more money than others, and in what ways the choice of prizes affects the amount of money raised. More generally, she is interested in mechanism design with non-standard preferences.