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Tage Rai

Tage RaiPost-doctoral Research Fellow at the Ford Center for Global Citizenship

Career Path and Experience
We disagree about who can marry, when life begins, and whether and whom we can kill. Sometimes we reward only merit, other times we give to those in need, and still other times we demand exact equality. How do we decide what is right and just? Why do we disagree? 

Tage’s research focuses on the social-relational motives and cognitive constraints that drive our moral actions across cultures. His research has investigated the origins of moral disagreement across cultures, framing and anchoring effects in moral judgmentaccusations of hypocrisy, and the impact of relativist and absolutist worldviews on moral behavior.

Research and How It Relates to the Ford Center’s Mission
Leaders and organizations that are perceived as morally exemplary by some are reviled by others, and these evaluations have consequences in terms of dollars, votes, and reputation.

Working with former Ford Center Director Daniel Diermeier, Tage is investigating the extent to which corporate reputation may be driven by the same factors underlying ethical judgments of people. He is focusing on the inferences people will make about a company’s “character” based on its actions, intentions, and capabilities, and how these inferences ultimately affect corporate reputation.

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