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One of the Center's main objectives is to help more women find the key to unlocking CEO suites and boardrooms. Innovative education is central to obtaining this goal, and the Center offers two exceptional programs for talented businesswomen. The successful Women's Director Development Program continues to train women to effectively serve on the boards of Fortune 1000 companies, and the Women's Senior Leadership Program will help women climb to the top executive levels. Both programs offer the participants the opportunity to learn from both the world-renowned Kellogg faculty and other exceptional businesswomen that gather from across the nation.

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Download the brochure for the Women's Director Development Program
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Download the brochure for the Women's Senior Leadership Program
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Below is a short video about the Women's Senior Leadership Program

Kellogg World alumni magazine features:
Breaking Boards, by Shannon Dunlap, focuses on the Women's Director Development Program.

Perilous Climb, by Shannon Dunlap, takes a look at the Women's Senior Leadership Program.


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