Kellogg Data Center

The Kellogg SQL Database Server (KDC02) offers an enterprise-level Microsoft SQL Server database engine for storing and querying vast amounts of structured relational data.


The Kellogg Database Server (KDC02) is available to all Kellogg researchers (faculty, PhD students, post-docs). Kellogg researchers can request access to KDC02 by emailing Kellogg Research Support.

Database Clients

You can connect to to KDC02 from client software on Windows operating systems (i.e. SQL Server Management Studio) and Linux/macOS (i.e. DBeaver)


KDC02 currently hosts many datasets. To find out if the dataset you are interested in is already on KDC02, consult the Kellogg Research Support Data page. If your research requires access to one or more existing datasets, or you require a new dataset that doesn't exist yet on KAP02, please contact Kellogg Research Support.

Connecting from Code

Queries to databases on this platform may be executed directly from Python, R, STATA, SAS, or MATLAB code and results retrieved directly to local workspace, including from the Kellogg Linux Cluster (KLC). Connections to KDC02 via WiFi or off-campus networks using these software installed on your personal computer require a connection to the NU VPN.

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