Kellogg Behavioral Lab offers its researchers access to two large research subject pools with diverse participants. Participants in the Sona pool reside primarily in the Chicagoland area and participants in the Mturk pool live all over the United States.

Sona Subject Pool Snapshot

  • 2,195 Community Members
  • 69% employed full-time
  • 2,344 NU Students
  • 64% Female
  • 56% do not identify as non-Hispanic white
  • Data as of 9/3/21

    Kellogg's Sona subject pool is comprised of Northwestern students and community members in the greater Chicagoland area. The Kellogg Behavioral Lab manages this pool and helps researchers collect data by contacting Sona participants for online, virtual, or in-lab research studies.

    Mturk Subject Pool Snapshot

  • 25,537 participants
  • 68% Female
  • 25.5% Do not identify as non-Hispanic white
  • 54% Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 51% Employed Full-Time
  • Data as of 9/3/21

    Our mTurk pool members are recruited by completing an initial demographic questionnaire HIT through the Behavioral Lab’s mTurk account. Once users have completed this questionnaire, we invite them to participate in specific studies via mTurk

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