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Zacks History Files include earnings estimates, stock recommendations, and earnings surprises since 1978. These data are available to current faculty and doctoral students in Kellogg. The files are stored in Kellogg's Unix server, skew5 in the /kellogg/data/zacks directory. Please note Zacks requires a copy of published research which relies, or has relied upon, Zacks data. Please send the published copy to research computing and we will forward it for you to Zacks.


The Zacks History Files are a collection that includes the following items:

  • Company descriptive information
  • Price and volume related monthly price
  • Dividends
  • Historical growth rates
  • Consensus earnings per share (EPS) estimates, with a consistent definition through time
  • years and quarters
  • Estimate revisions
  • Stock selection models
  • Broker recommendations
  • Surprises
  • EPS detail

Vendor information

Zacks Investment Research
155 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (312) 630-9880
Fax: (312)630-0954

Accessing Zacks History Files

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