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All systems: For secure file transfers, FileZilla is a free client that provides a convenient graphical user interface on all platforms.

Unix: All Northwestern's UNIX hosts allow secure shell server connections. The SSH protocol clients, such as the command-line tools "ssh" and "sftp" are included in most Unix and linux distributions.

MS Windows: Secure shell server connections are available through third-party software, such as Putty, as well as other clients -- see comparison.

Mac OS: Mac users can SSH using the Terminal utility (press Command-Shift-U to see the utilities). With a terminal window open, an SSH connection to a Linux or UNIX server is started by typing your_loginID@full_server_name. The server will prompt for the corresponding password. Within an SSH connection, you can start sFTP. If you prefer a graphical user interface for sFTP, consider using Cyberduck or FileZilla.

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