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General information

  • Skew4 is backed up every day at 7:00PM
  • Full (base) backups take place each Wednesday; the media for these backups is stored off-site, in a secure media vault; incremental backups on other days stored on site at NUIT's Datacenter. Note that the incremental backups will backup only files that have been modified (based on the date and time stamp on the file) since the previous backup.
  • Backup tapes are kept for up to 28 days.
  • One special full backup performed monthly and kept for 6 months on site at NUIT's Datacenter to a low for a restore back to 6 months.

Restoring a file or directory

To request the restoration of a file or directory from backup, please send the request via e-mail to Research Computing (, and provide the name and date of the file to be restored.

The user will receive an e-mail once the file has been restored. Data restorations are provided as quickly as possible, but in general they will be done within two to three business days of the request. The speed of the recovery depends on the extent of the data being restored and the complexity of the data retrieval process.

The restored file will be placed in its original directory, appending a suffix with the date stamp. For example, if a user requests a file called "test.txt" stamped 4/25/01, the file will be restored as "test.txt.042501".

Please note that files from /scratch or /scratch2 will not be restored.

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