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MS Windows: Scientific WorkPlace 5.0 is installed in the special software workstations in the Jacobs Center's and Wieboldt's computer laboratories. Some departments also make this program available in the public access machines for their doctoral students.

Personal copies are purchased directly from MacKichan Software. Once a year (during the summer), contingent on demand, Research Computing coordinates a large order. For this year's pricing and deadline, click here.


Scientific WorkPlace combines Scientific Word (a technical word processor) with a computer algebra system (either Maple or MuPAD) to provide an integrated working environment that allows you to compose and edit complex documents directly on the screen, without knowledge of a typesetting language (TeX or LaTeX). When printing, the document can be typeset with LaTeX with the click of a button, or it can be printed directly without the LaTeX compilation step.

See also the pages on TeX and Maple for related resources.

Vendor information

MacKichan Software, Inc.
19307 8th Avenue, Suite C
Poulsbo, WA 98370-7370
Phone: (360) 394-6033 or (877) 724-9673
Fax: (360) 394-6039


Running Scientific WorkPlace

Refer to the tutorials linked below.

Examples and solutions


Look for tutorial exercises under the Help menu.

Northwestern dissertation template and Scientific WorkPlace

The following page provides instructions on how to use a Northwestern dissertation LATEX template in Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Word.

Version 3.0 and Windows 2000

Two problems have been reported with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word version 3.0 when installed in a Windows 2000 workstation:

  1. The TrueTeX Viewer renders the fonts incorrectly
  2. Scientific Word and Workplace 3.0 do not recognize the Windows 2000 temporary directory

The following technical support page from Mackichan details three fairly involved steps in fixing these two problems:

Users that own version 3.0 of this software and Windows 2000 are encouraged to contact KIS faculty/staff technical support. Scientific Word and Scientific Workplace versions 2.5 and 3.5 are compatible with Windows 2000. Switching between LaTeX compilers: To read a document generated with Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Word using an alternative LaTeX compiler (MiKTeX, PCTeX), make sure the file "tcilatex.tex" is available to the compiler. This can be done by copying this file to the compiler's local TeX directory and referring to it with an "\input(tcilatex)" statement. The compiler may also be configured to also use Scientific WorkPlace/Word's TeX directory.

Manuals available at Research Computing

Online manuals at Kellogg

Hard copies:

Full sets of the programs's documentation are available in the Research Computing Library, for versions 3.0 through 5.0. The Andersen and Wieboldt Hall computer laboratories also have one set each for version 5.0 available for reference.

  • Typesetting documents
  • Creating Documents with Scientific WorkPlace Word
  • Doing Mathematics with Scientific WorkPlace Notebook
  • Getting Started with Scientific WorkPlace Notebook

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