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Availability and Expiration

Kellogg faculty, doctoral students and staff can create a Qualtrics account using their Kellogg email address at the Kellogg Qualtrics homepage.

Faculty with courtesy appointments, visiting scholars, former post-doctoral fellows, and PhD students now working elsewhere are not entitled to a Qualtrics account. If you had a Qualtrics account while at Kellogg, your account will be deactivated when you graduate or your appointment at Kellogg expires. Your surveys and data will not be deleted and will remain on the Qualtrics server. You can continue to use Qualtrics by:

  • Opening a free trial Qualtrics account. The trial account has some limitations, which include: no access to the Survey Mailer (feature that sends survey invitations by e-mail), a maximum of 100 respondents, no more than 50 questions per survey and 2 total surveys with only 1 active at a time, and a limit of 2 blocks per survey. By choosing this option, you will not be able to transfer your surveys and data from your old Qualtrics account to the free account.

  • Purchasing an individual Qualtrics account. Individual accounts are priced at ~$500 per year. Qualtrics can move your old Qualtrics account into a different brand and you will be able to keep your survey data intact. If you are interested in an individual account you can contact Sean Sampson or Qualtrics sales support.


Qualtrics is a web survey tool at Kellogg developed by Qualtrics Labs, Inc. and is hosted by a third-party provider.

Some of the main features of Qualtrics are: question library with survey templates; custom survey design wizard; survey distribution options; results export to Excel, PDF, SPSS, PowerPoint; Anonymous Surveys. Qualtrics supports survey-based experiments and features a block randomizer tool for experimental trials.

Vendor information

Qualtrics Labs, Inc.
1361 N. Lakeview Dr.
Provo, UT 84604
Phone: (800) 340-9194
Fax: (801) 705-9430


Manuals and Tutorials available in Research Computing

QualtricsWiki online tutorial webpage
Setting up and distribute a survey
Experimental design and logic with Qualtrics


Additional Resources

Kellogg Research Computing has selected some articles and web sites that may help as you design your survey.

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